Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Bubble Rompers redesigned into Children's Tops

I had bought some bubble rompers for my grand daugher Gracie when she was born, she didn't get to wear them very much...

 At the prime time when the fit her perfectly it was winter time and she is so long anyway, she going to be a tall little girl.  They fit her perfectly now but the length is to short to snap them.  These outfits are just darling, so I decided to make tops out of them, this was a hard decision to make because these were new outfits.  But isn't the whole idea to get as much use out of the children's clothes as possible?  So we buy them as big as we can, but not to big.  The longer you keep them in the cloths the less you have to buy.... we want to keep the littles ones in clothes as long as possible, correct!?! 


Now... what I did on these rompers is cut the bottom portion off just above the snap at the crotch.  Then I took and sewed a piece of bias tape onto the bottom the little top, then I turned the bias tape under and top stitched for a finished product.

They just grow so fast at this time of their life!

Ahhh... these tops are just so cute.  Now she will get to wear these tops instead of just giving them away!  This makes Nana very happy!

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