Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quilts for My Nieces Shelby and Amanda

Years ago I made Shelby and Amanda quilts...  There is a real story behind this project!  We will call it the

"The Drama of the Quilts"

Let me start by saying that my nieces are just 3 months apart, so I decided to go with this star design, so that I could do both the quilts at the same time.  I gathered all my fabrics for this project and decided on a pattern before the girls were born, but didn't start on the quilts until they where born.  

I started off with crib size quilts in mind, then thinking about that it would be nice for them to be able to use the quilts for many years to come not just in there their toddler years, so I decided on full sized quilts.

I was a little over half finished with the tops for both the quilts when we moved, and not just into another house.  This house was a major fixer upper and on top of that it was a down size in square footage also.  So my craft room got pack up and store for awhile, (a couple years) you know how that goes out of site out of mind!  My husband Tim has a construction background and we moved forwarded with the project of the remodel on our little bunglow in Vallejo, California.  We were in major remodel for about 5 years total in one section of the house or in another.  During the remodel, the craft room was a storage area for furniture and boxes from the other rooms of the house.Then towards the end of all the remodel I started pulling out the boxes for the craft room and trying to get organized in my craftroom/guest room.   This allowed me to be able to finished the tops of the quilts and then we found out we were moving to New Mexico, so I packed up the craft room again into boxes.

We got all settled in our new home in another state... New Mexico, who would have thought... I sure didn't!  I really didn't want to move, if you asked my husband I guess I put up a little fight, we had just finshed our remodel of our Home and Gardens house... it turned out that good!   (I was just sick inside about moving). 

Shelby's Quilt

Amanda's Quilt

A Pillowcase for each of the girls!

We decided to rent until we got a feel for the new area in which we were living now and then we were familiar with the area we would buy. Of course it took me awhile to get my craft room settled and get back to working on the quilts. I'm so glad I decided on the larger sized quilts for the girls since they were about 6 years old at this time.   After moving to New Mexico it was about another year and a half before we bought a house and then after moving in and getting settled into my craft room... I pulled out the quilts and finished them up pronto... I sure didn't want the girls to graduate before they got their quilts!

I guess the girls were about  8 or 9 years old when they recieved their quilts.  I was real happy after all that they both loved their quilts and still have them on their beds, the girls are about 13 years old now.

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