Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Quilt of Memories for Gracie #2

Back a few years ago, I had made Gracie a quilt out of all her baby receiving blankets.  I had taken all the receiving blankets and cut them into 5 inch squares and added some solid colors to make it pop. This quilt you can view under the heading (A Quilt of Memories #1).  I had a lot of squares left and I just couln't bring myself to the throw them away, so I tossed them in a box and put them in the craft room closet.  Well it has been about 3 years now, I was going through the closet and of course Gracie was there and she says, Nana there is my squares, we should make a blanket!  So we pulled them out and I decided that she could help me design a rag quilt, kids can never have to many blanket for such things as forts and castles!!!  Of course there wasn't enough to make a blanket to we had to add more squares... just enough to finish this project.

She helped me pick out some extra flannel solid and print fabrics and we had a beautiful design all laid out on the floor and then I forgot to take a picture before I picked it up off the floor for the sewing assembly portion.

I do wish that I had of taken a picture of the design we had laid out on the floor before we picked it up. Because when I was sewing it together, Gracie decided to help by giving me the strips that I had all laid out in order.  Well let me just say while I was busy sewing and she was rearranging the order as she handed them to me.

So she had the final design say in this quilt.  After this she told me, thank you Nana for making me another quilt, now I have twins!