Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wedding Favors from Purple Sage Soaps

This is going to be a very busy spring and early summer in my house!  I had another request for my soaps to be used as wedding favors.  

My nephew Michael and his fiancee Sheila asked, if I would make some little soaps for favors for their wedding at the end of June.  So graciously I said yes to their request and then started to scrambling to get all my supplies together since I only have a couple months!  Now, I had quite a good supply of soap made up before we moved from Louisiana and then I sold all the remaining bulk fixed oils, such as coconut and palm and my lye before moving to Southern California. 

The reason for selling the oils and not taking them with me to California, knowing the I would eventually need them to make more soap in the future... one might ask... why... right!  This is so true... We'll here is the answer... when we moved to Southern California everything went into storage and we weren't sure how long it would be until we were settled and these oils have a shelf life!   So, instead of taking that chance that they might go rancid... I would lose $$$.   I decided to sell them to another soap maker in the  area.  Now with all that being said, I needed to replenish my fixed oils to make these soaps asap!

I'll share some pictures here... this was the second wedding favor request below... I did several years ago while living in New Mexico. 

The first one, I can't seem to find any pictures to show, but they were cute little cream daisy's about a 1 1/2 inch in diameter they were made from little Candie molds.  We took a small picture of the couple and made a small picture frame from card stock with a decorative paper punch, we decorated the frame just a bit with tiny colored daisy's that are used to decorate scrap books and other crafts.  Then we wrote the couples names and their date on the picture frame, and then attached this picture frame to the organza bag.  This was very time consuming and costly, making these soaps, because of the molds and you had to have a lot of them.  I probably wouldn't agree to this kind of soap favors again, any time soon! 

Teal and Orange are the couples colors of choice for their wedding, we are going to get as close as we can to the couples request.  Since these are definitely bold autumn colors, and it is early summer.   Remember we have to match the color of the soap with a natural product.... this might be challenging, but I know we can do it!   Truly this is the most exciting part of the process... the creating something from nothing!    I think that we can use a color tone/shade from the teal and orange color families.  A classic subtle ambiance is what I'm looking to achieve, true elegance!

What we finally decided upon for the soap was a aqua color and the organza bags that was a copper color.  These soaps turned out beautifully and staying within a shade of the colors really complimented each other very well also.  This is a real elegant combination of these colors and not a real bold statement of the darker shades of teal and orange, which we thought would be pleasing in this setting.  

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