Friday, July 27, 2012

Flower and Necklace Children's Tops or Shirts

I found this project to be quite a lot of fun and a great idea to give a little splash to a simple white infant or toddler top.  I think that both these tops turned out real cute for an off the cuff idea! 

I have some cute little Beatrix Potter character buttons that I had for many many years, so I finally found a project that I want to use some of them in.

I'm excited... I even have enough fabric leftover to make a pair of Capri Pants and a Sun Hat.  I will share these in a another blog so stay tuned....  

The Necklace top turned out to be real cute.  You know babies are facinated with necklaces.  Now they can have one of their very own... its not quite the same, but it is safer until they understand not to put them in there mouth.  You don't have to worry about leaving them unattended with their necklace.

I have seen some real cute children's tops both onesies and shirts.  Some with ties, for the little guys and some very cute little girl tops too!  Here are a couple variations of styles....

Friday, July 20, 2012

Purple Sage Soap Company

Lately I have had several people asked me if I would post some pictures of my whole line of soaps.  Recently I've added a couple new fragrances to the soap line and one new soap that I haven't even named yet.   



Lemongrass ~ Golden Color ~ Zesty and very Uplifting Scent.

Lavender ~ Lavender Color ~ Calming and Soothing Scent.
Cedar & Sage ~ Sage Color ~ Soothing and Aromatic Scent.

Rain ~ Aqua Color ~ A very Fresh Scent.
Coconut & Vanilla ~ Brown Color ~ Calm Tropical Scent.

Twilight Musk ~ Blue Color ~ A very Romantic Scent.

Whimsy ~ Cream w/specks of colors ~ Lightly Scented with chucks of all the other soap scents.

Verbena & Coconut ~ Lemon Color ~ A Light Sweet Citrus Scent w/ hint of tropics.

Lavender & Vanilla~ Dusty Lavender Color ~ Calming and Soothing w/ a hint of vanilla.

Peppermint & Eucalyptus ~ Dusty Rose Color ~ Invigorating and Cooling Scent.

(           ???             ) ~ Lt. Orange Color~  Orange Citrus with a hint of Ginger

Help us name this new soap... we have several names that we like and we're having a hard time choosing just one name... we need you help! 

For those of you that will in in Union City, California in July.....Please stop by our table and fill out a form to help us name our new soap scent.   If we choose your new name you will receive 4 bars of soap as a Thank You Gift from us.   Doesn't that sound like fun..... Will see you there! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gracie's First Birthday

It is unanimous... Ladybirds! 

Ladybirds it is...  for Miss Gracie's first Birthday!

(For those of you that are not familiar with the term ladybirds... it is also known as ladybugs).

With much thought we have decided on a medium ladybug cake for the grown ups, cupcakes for the kids and cookies for whom ever wants them.  Of course there will be lots of ice cream! 

Nana just wants to make these lovely cookies real soon!

Momma decided to make cupcakes for the kids also!

Then cake for the adults... this cake had a whip cream type frosting and strawberry filling.. Oh so good!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lady Bird and Honey Bee Sugar Cookies

I wanted to do something special for my grand daughters first birthday.   I  have always wanted to try my hand a making sugar cookies with royal icing.  What a better time than now to try to make some ladybirds (ladybug) and bumble bees cookies.   I have chosen ladybirds and bumble bees because Gracie's first birthday is going to be in the ladybug theme, and I have always admired bumble bees.

  I found several blogs that have inspired me to move forward with my baking project and they have also been very insiteful and a wealth of knowledge on the subject.... so I feel confident that I can do this!

   I have learned many tips, or secrects to the trade of making these types of sugar cookies with royal icing.   I have gathered the recipe I plan to use for these cookies and also for the royal icing.   I have also puchased my ladybug and bumble bee cookie cutters.  I'm ready to start!


These are the cookie cutters that I have chosen to use for this project.  You can find these recipes that I used for the cookies and royal icing on SweetSugarBelle's site.   Let me share this with you.... I've never tasted a better sugar cookie than this recipe!

 Okay.... don't judge to harshly.  There is a story behind these ladybird and bumble bee cookies that were made for our little ladybug!  I planned for a quiet day of decorating... Well that didn't happen!  My house was busier than normal and everyone after finding out what I was doing wanted to help decorate Miss Gracie's First year B'Day Cookies.  So... that's what we did, everyone had a hand in decorating these cookies and the great thing about it is she's to young to judge, she just knows that everyone loves her very much! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gracie's First B'Day Dress ~ Children's Clothes

We found this darling little pattern of a pedal sun dress and when Stephanie saw it she wanted to make a dress for Gracie's first Birthday.  It is so fitting since her birthday falls in mid July, when it is so hot here in
Southern California.

Now... the trend for your baby's first birthday is the tutu and the matching top that would say (Gracie is 1) on it.  These are truly cute and adorable, but we wanted something a little more special than what to norm is in the baby world today! 

So we set out to find some ladybug fabric.  Ladybugs is going to be the theme for Gracie's first Birthday.  After looking everywhere for ladybug fabric we didn't see anything that we liked, or that seemed fitting for our little ladybug.  So we chose fabric that completed each other and had a whimsical feel also.

I have these darling ladybug embroidery designs that we decided to use to make this birthday dress real special.  These little ladybugs will also add to the whimsical feel.

This is Stephanie's second sewing project, she is doing very well.   I think this is about as special as you can get... making your own daughters birthday dress.  

Stephanie said, that she is ready for her next sewing project!