Saturday, May 6, 2017

Frozen Throw Quilt

Making the final decisions on the layout for this frozen theme throw quilt, as you can see in this picture there is a light blue square in every four patch block and either a dark wine or dark teal square in every four patch too.  Looking at the layout I have decided to change it up just a little, I want to make sure that the dark wine and dark teal blocks are not touching one another.

Here in this photo below, it shows the wine and teal squares above the blue squares touching each other and below the blue squares it shows the wine and teal squares in the same corner of the four patch square which to me looks better.

I'm not sure what just happened here, but I think I just got out voted by my daughter-in-law and grand daughter.  Either way is fine with me... its just a personal preference.

I'm not making this quilt for no one in particular, but just using up scraps that were left over from making my grand daughters quilt and pillowcases a year and a half ago.  But knowing my Gracie... she will say, but it has Elsa and Anna on it.... it should for me.  Please, Please, Please Nana!

Well whether or not she ends up with the quilt throw, she loves to help with everything, especially when I'm sewing.  She loves to sew on Honeybee.  Over the past couple years she has been sitting on my lap and putting her hands on my wrists/hands as I sew, and we talk about sewing and safety.  So because she is wanting to sew more and more, I have bought a needle guard to help protect her as she is learning to sew.



When I had this frozen blanket finished, I folded it and put it on the arm of the chair.  When Miss Gracie saw it, she snuck it, and this is what I found next......

One might say... Look at those puppy dog eyes...  You know what that means!