Saturday, December 23, 2017

Craft Room Storage

Living in small houses, one must create storage opportunities to make things work in small spaces.  Recently our grandaughter moved in with us and I had to make room in my sewing room for a five year olds abundance of stuff.

I decided to used the Ikea Expedit Bookshelf for this reason.  It gave her five storage bins across the bottom of the unit.... and of course she has taken up about 7-8 bins.  

Some of the boxes to the shelving unit.  These boxes are so neatly packaged and the intrusions are fairly easy to understand from IKEA, anyone could put this together if they were so inclined to do so.... we did!

Gracie helping and instructing Nana on how the shelf unit should be put together.   I'm not sure, but I think.... I might not have been listening to what she was telling me, here in this picture above.

She loves to help and learn new things.  She truly loves to be right in the middle of the craft room and it's activities, learning new things, such as quilting and such.

The two of us did this all by ourselves.  We did however need help putting it up against the wall.

This bookshelf unit also has a table/desk that attaches and come out into the room.   I will add a finished picture later of it finished and up againist the wall with the cubbies in the unit.  If I forget let me apologize now... but then again, you may see this finished unit in another post of happenings here in the craft room. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Purple Sage Soaps

Here at Flying Hawk Ranch
 in the Hummingbird Garden... is the Home of Purple Sage Soaps  

As you can see we have been busy at it again handcrafting these amazing scented natural soaps that we all love!  So many people over the past few years have asked me,
why I hadn't stocked my Etsy Shop with my wonderful soaps...

We'll I can say it was for many reasons, and not to bore you with these reasons. As we all know... well... let me just say that life can get complicated from time to time.  
But rest assured... we heard your plea... that you were missing our soaps and wanted them back in our Etsy Shop... and for your convenience... they are just waiting for you... all those amazing scents. 

In the shop...  We have gift bags, gift plates, gift baskets, for all those special occasions whatever they may be, just for those times when you need something unique for someone special!  
We do sell soaps individually, however we are offering a 5 bar minimum purchase... mostly for your convenience, because of shipping costs... you will pay the same whether ordering one bar or six bars of soap.

Lemongrass Soap  
An Uplifting and Invigorating Aroma... Sunrise... wake you up in the morning scent!

Lavender Soap
   A Calming and Soothing Aroma... A Classic Lavender Scent... Sure to melt away the stress of the day!

Cedar n' Sage Soap
(Aka Montana Sage)
 A  Calming and Soothing Aroma... an Earthy Herb al Scent.  Truly a back to nature escape right in your own shower!

Coconut n' Vanilla Soap
A   Calming and Soothing Aroma... a very Tropical Scent.   A tropical escape right in your own shower!

Pacific Rain Soap 
A Clean and very Fresh Aroma...  Soothing and Very Pleasant Scent... Like the fragrance after the rain!

Twilight Musk Soap
  A Relaxing and Pleasant Aroma... A medium Musk Scent... An absolutely loved by both men and women!

Orange Spice Soap
  A very mild Citrus Spice Aroma... Pleasant and Soothing Scent...  Escape to the countryside of orange blossoms!

Peppermint n' Eucalyptus Soap
(Aka Peppermint Twist) 
  Uplifting and Invigorating Aroma... A very Soothing Herbal Scent.  Calming, but wake me up in the morning blend!

Creativity in motion... we will perform some alchemy, then some new scented soaps will appear in the shop from time to time, these soaps are limited time only soaps.  Some of these scents that we have tried, were requests from clients, and some of theses scents are in the soap line today! 

Our small soap business is a family affair. My husband Tim has always helped with mixing the lye, carrying the heavy pots of oils and pouring the soap into the molds. Then Miss Grace is very eager to learn and help.  Our son and daughter-in law have even helped!

(Miss Grace -10 months/2012)

We can do Signature Soaps and Custom Label Soaps.

We have made wedding favors for several weddings over the years, and continue to do so. We have wedding favors to do for this coming January 2018.

(July 2006)
Coconut n’ Vanilla Soaps


(June 2012)
Orange Spice Soaps
This fragrance was a requested scent from the bride and it was so love by all, that it because a part of our soap line.



(January 2014)
300 bars total... 1/2 Lemongrass Soaps and 1/2 Peppermint n’ Eucalyptus Soaps

Below are some of the Custom Orders that we have made for our clients.  These Unique... Special Occasion Gifts and other similar gift packages, you can find in our shop.  We  have added these to the shop for those times when you need that special gift to give.  The holidays are always a wonderful time to give these amazing scented natural soaps from Purple Sage Soap Company.


 A Trio Plate... of my signature blends of Lemongrass, Lavender, and Cedar n’ Sage Soaps. Each soap is beautifully wrapped in our label and adorned with iridescent ribbon and wax bumblebee seal stamp.

This Gift Basket has... my signature blends of Lemongrass, Lavender, Cedar n’ Sage, Pacific Rain, Coconut n’ Vanilla Soaps. Each soap is beautifully wrapped in our label and adorned wit h iridescent ribbon and wax bumblebee seal stamp. 

Gift Bags with... my signature blends of Lemongrass, Lavender, and Cedar n’ Sage, Pacific Rain, Coconut n’ Vanilla, and Orange Spice Soaps. Each soap is beautifully wrapped in our label and adorned with iridescent ribbon and wax bumblebee seal stamp. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Trip to Crafty U Too with friends

The other day some friends and I went to Crafty U Too, here in Riverside to paint teapots and then have them fired.  I haven't done pottery since high school.... let me just say that was many moons ago.
We had alot of fun and will probably do again.  We all painted teapots with a cup..  I decided to paint a teapot for a daughter inlaw since she couldn' t make it this time.  I painted my cup a green, the teapot yellow and the lid a purple. Then I did a bubble technique in purple over the teapot and cup.

                                                       My Teapot and Cup
I used three colors to paint this cup and teapot set, a bright yellow, sage green and purple.  Then I did a bubble technique over the top of the teapot and cup with the purple to blend the three colors together.

My finished and fired teapot and cup below.

Anna's Teapot and Cup

Anna used about six colors on her teapot.  I guess you might say her theme is flowers... with her sunflower cup and her teapot with flowers on the side and a hidden heart.   

Anna's finished and fired teapot. 

Maggie's Teapot and Cup

Now Maggie used to paint, her theme is more of nature.  She use several different colors and several shades of each color.  Her cup is like the ground in the garden, then her teapot flowers in the garden, and the lid is the sky.   Inside her cup she painted a flower.