Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flower Capri Pants and Sun Hat ~ Children's Clothes

I promised that I would share with you the Flower Capri's and Sun Hat so here it is... now this goes wonderfully and is a perfect match tot the flower top with the Beatrix potter buttons.

Now on these little capri's...  I used a pair of my grand daughter pajama bottoms and made my own pattern for these pants.  These pajama pants were so easy to make a pattern from because they were small, simple and not made of bulky fabric.

Now for the finished pair of capri's just in time for the hot SoCal summer!

There are a few blogs on children's clothing where I have made several outfits where the pieces are interchangeable... tops bottoms and hats!


 Now for the sun hat, we wanted this hat to be versatile and to go with several of the outfits we were making.  We choose this light yellow whimsical flower pattern.... it is so darling, then the tie we made two-tone with the green polka dot fabric.

I started to assemble the sun hat, it came together reather quickly. 

I finished this little sun hat just in time for the summer.  

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