Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Quest for a Child's Tea Pot Set ~ Part 1

For the Love of tea, silver tea sets and tea parites!
In seacrching for a silver tea set for my grand daughter, I stumble on a couple of sites I just have to share.  And a few tea sets I found along the way.
Thank you for sharing your grandmothers tea set... I have also found another blog to visit !

This a Rare Vintage Premium Advertising Tea Service Set 1890
from William Adams Towle Company

Van Berch Silver Co Rochester NY Silverplate Tea Set 1898

I really like this one... no information to who the maker is for this tea set.  If anyone knows please let me know, I would really like to know who the maker is for this tea set.

Godinger Child's Tea Set

Silver Plated Tea Set with Teapot Creamer and Sugar Bowl and Floral Decor, Vintage English, Early 20th Century

Silver Tea Pot, Gorham E P Brass, Vintage Tea Pot, Silver Plate Tray, Creamer, Sugar Bowl, Coffee pot, silver plate

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Anthony Convert-O Tricycle

This is a vintage Anthony Brother Convert-O tricycle with trailer in excellent condition, another Craigslist find. I've been looking for one of these tricycles for a very long time... Perseverance has paid off!

  Here's a blurb from Tricycle Fetish, "in 1949 Tony Anthony began selling his invention, the Convert-O Bike, under Anthony Brother's Refrigeration Co. Anthony worked as a engineer  for Northrop, and used his knowledge of aluminum to fabricate the cast aluminum tricycles."

Grace and Highlands Ace
with their new tricycle and wagon....
and they are just loving life!



I'm not sure who climbed in with who here... I wasn't watching! 
Ace has been climbing into the back of the wagon while she peddles around and will ride for awhile and then hop out, he is now 3 months old.