Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Taking Gracie to Tom's Farm in Corona, California

Our trip to Tom's Farm in Corona, California with Gracie
Gracie trying to feed the goat, but she is being very cautious....  last time they went to the petting zoo a little goat nibbled on her finger trying to get his goodies she was trying to feed him.  

Gracie and Papa, and Nana waiting for the train ride at the farm.  Her excitement was just so refreshing to see.  Of course she wanted to ride it again, but we talk her into the magic show, she loved that too! 


Her first time riding a carousel and she loved it.... she didn't want to get off.   We had to ride several times!


There was such a fascination about riding the horses and looking at herself in the mirrors as she went round and round.  She got a big smile every time she saw herself in the mirrors as she passed by one of them as you see in the middle picture.   


At this young age (these pics - amost 2 years old) she is already showing a interest in horses more than most other animals!  But I still think that dogs are her number one.    

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Peter Rabbit Rag Quilts

I've made several of these baby rag quilts now and I think I might have it down to a fine art.  It doesn't take long to make one at all now!

Here is pictures of the front side and back side, this one is three layers of flannel squares.  I did the middle layer in tan for a nice contrast in color and to make a warmer blanket.  When I started making this one I didn't know whether Gracie was a boy or girl.... but I didn't think that a little lavender would hurt any little boy or that a little blue would hurt any little girl for that matter!  I didn't choose a pink color because I'm partial to purples.

This quilt was made with 6 inch flannel squares, and is about 35 inches in length and width. Flannel squares colors used was sage green, tan, medium blue and lavender and cream.

This cream colored rag quilt is Gracie's (Linus Blanket), she takes this one everywhere!  It gets dirty fast because of the color and it has held up well for sometimes getting a washing twice a week!  This one is two layers thick and both sides are the same color.  This rag quilt was made with 8 inches flannel squares, and is about 35 inches in length and width also.  It also is just a little lighter in weight and makes a nice summertime blanket.

Here is pictures of the front side and back side of this baby rag quilt, this one has two layers of flannel squares.   It has a nice contast in color since the back side is different colors than the front side.  

This quilt was made with 8 inch flannel squares, and is about 49 inches in length and width. Flannel squares colors used was cream, medium tan, light tan.  

If any one is interested in peter rabbit embroideried quilt squares so you can make your own baby blanket, just let me know and I could do a custom order for you.... I can make the embroideried squares and put them in my etsy shop as a custom order for you.    You can contact me thru my blogger profile here on my blog, which is an email or contact me thru my web page here in my profile which take you to my etsy shop.

I would love to help you create a special memory for someone special in your life!