Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Remembered

~Forever Thankful~

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.

All we have of freedom,
All we use or know,
This are fathers bought for us
Long, long ago.
~Rudyard Kipling~

Deepest Honor to all who have served for our countries freedom, for those that have fallen and the sacrifices of their families.  We will all cherish the wonderful memories of our dear love ones and their great sacrifice!  

 I truley give the PURPLE HEART to all that serve for our country.

Purple Heart

Each Purple Heart shall always be
A part of freedom’s history
Hold deep inside a fervent pride
For all who gave, the brave who died
They showed their best for liberty
They stood for us with certainty
Their wound of war, their Purple Heart
Each dared to care and do their part
Some bore a wound which took their life
While others lived past war’s honed knife
True patriots, they faced their call
To keep our nation strong for all
Deep scars of war are carried by
Those who return, and those who cry
Pray for the brave, their loved ones too
Thank God for heroes - all of you

by Roger Robicheau  

The Unknown Soldier

You need not ever know my name
This unknown soldier seeks no fame
I'm here to bring out thought from you
May your heart see more than your view
America, we marched with pride
We gave our life, for you we died

How well we knew the time might come
When life could sound that final drum
Please think of us as life moves on
We tried so hard till that last dawn
Do let our spirit fill the land
Pass treasured freedom, hand to hand
God blessed this country with such love
Hold in your heart, abundance of
And when you stand before my grave
Think not of one, but each who gave

 by Roger J. Robicheau

They Keep Us Free

In time of need their will is sure
American, their freedom pure
Protect our life and liberty
Unselfishly, they keep us free
Each soldier knows what is at stake
The risk is grave, there’s no mistake
With pride they serve our country strong
They face each foe to come along
Remember them while in your home
Or where you choose to freely roam
Don’t take for granted what you see
Some left this life, so it could be
To God I urge you all to pray
For soldier’s brave, to face each day
We should be thankful, one and all
For those who march to meet each call

by Roger Robicheau


                                                           Memorial Day

 I Believe... True Peace and Hope you will only find in the Prince of Peace!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Baby's First Cloth Book ~ Peter Rabbit and Friends

I was reorganizing and unpacking some of my craft and sewing stuff and I ran into these adorable cloth style book kits of Peter Rabbit and Friends ABC's and 123's.  I had bought them and put them away for a rainy day and thought that maybe I'd make them as nice gift someday! 

Wow... I forgot that I had even bought these little cloth book kits, I have had them for many years, so it is now time to make these little books!  Miss Gracie (my granddaughter) will enjoy them, she is already trying to get to our paper books with much fascination and inquisitiveness.  Maybe this is a sign that she will be a reader... we will encourage this by reading to her and giving her books with interesting content to spark her little  imagination!      

Peter Rabbit ABC's Cloth Book & Peter Rabbit 123's Cloth Book

This is the process that I used in making these  two real cute cloth baby books.

Instead of using batting like the kits suggested... I decided to use fleece fabric so that when I washed these little books that the batting would not separate on the inside of the books and get lumpy and ugly.

This is a real easy beginner sewing project.  I started by cutting out the pages in cloth book kits, then I laid the pages out on the fleece fabric, then pinned the pages in place on the fleece fabric.  The next step was to cut out the pages that were pinned to the fleece.  

I used the cloth fabric kit directions when I first started but quickly changed up to a faster and more efficient way.  If you are a beginner you should follow the directions it will be less confusing to you.  It started by saying to baste the first page right side up onto the batting/fleece and then take the corresponding page and pin it right side down on top of the already basted piece.  I followed the direction on the first one and then switched up to an easier approach to this project.  This way would be okay for a novice, but that I'm not!

baste the first page right side (print side) up onto the fleece, leaving a 3inch opening to turn inside out/right side out later (seen on bottom left side)

corresponding page, pin it right side (print side) down on top of the already basted piece, then baste it right over to the already basted page, leaving a 3inch opening to turn inside out/right side out later (seen on bottom left side)

 turn inside out/right side out thru the 3inch hole that was left 

pin all the way around the outside edge of the fabric book, even across the 3inch opening that was left earlier for turning inside out/ right side out

 sew all the way around the outside edge, now first page is completed, continue this process until all pages are completed

Here I'm going to show you how I completed the project using the easier method. 

The first page in this picture, I took my fleece fabric laid it on the bottom, the laid my first page right side up (print side), then took the cooresponding page and laid it right side down (print side) on top of the other pieces.  Then I pinned it all the way around leaving the 3inch opening on the bottom.

The second page in the picture, was where then I basted it all the way around except the area of the 3inch opening left for turning inside out/right side out. I also cut the courners to get rid of excess bulk in the corners.

The third page in the picture, is the page turned inside out/right side out and ready to pin for final stitching, where you would even close up the 3inch space. 

Then you will lay all the pages of your book flat and in there correct order, one on top of the other. Then you will sew them together sewing down the middle of all the pages together as they are laid out flat.   When you are finshed sewing... fold your book. 

Ta Da or Walla... You have just completed your cloth book!   Just perfect for a little one's  enjoyment, to inspire and incourage many hours of reading.

I wanted to share..... that Miss Gracie really loves these little books!  The next books we will introduce to her are the board books....

 (you know the ones.. the big thick cardboard page ones). 

I have just the right little stories pick out and I now I just need to see if they come in board books for toddlers... I sure they do!  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crockpot Ham Potato Soup


7 c. diced potatoes (about 4 medium)
1 c. diced onion (about 1 medium)
1 large carrot, chopped
2 c. ham, diced
5. c. hot water
1 Knorr Chicken Bullion cube (extra large size that
makes 1 quart broth or 4 small cubes that make 1 cup each)
1 c. 2% milk
1/2 c. sour cream
Salt and Pepper to taste


Add diced potatoes, onion, carrot, and ham to a crock pot. Dissolve chicken bullion in 5 cups hot water, then add this to the crock pot also. Cook on low 7 hours, or high 3 hours. Then add milk and sour cream. Stir and cook an additional 15 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Makes twelve 1-cup servings.

If you'd like a thicker soup, just before adding milk and sour cream, remove 2-3 cups of the potatoes and slightly mash, then return the mashed mixture to the crock pot.

Makes 12 Servings (About 1 Cup Per Serving)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Apron ~ The Bapron

Here is a little project that I really enjoyed making.  This tan scroll designed bib was the second bib that I made from this pattern.  I had so much fun making the first bapron, which is the one that is red and tan below.  I'm sure that I will make a few more of these handy Baprons, they sure cover a lot more area than a regular baby bib.  

A nice example of the fabric and pattern for the bapron held in place with pattern weights that has just been cut out and ready to sew up into a baby apron bib. 

 Here is the first bapron I made... I decided to make this one so Gracie bib would match her mommy's apron that she is making.