Thursday, December 1, 2011

Children's Play Kitchens ~ New, Repurposed & Handmade

Here we go….. Come with me on my journey!

I’ve been searching for a children’s play kitchen set for two reasons.  One is… I have a small daycare here in Moreno Valley, California and I really think this would be a nice addition to my childcare.  I know that my daycare children will really have a great time in their imaginary play with a kitchen set like one of these below.  The other reason is I have a granddaughter that is a few months old now, but she will surely love to play with this kitchen in the future!

At Pottery Barn Kids I found this set, it is very, very nice, but a bit pricey.  I have seen this set on Craigslist from time to time in the past.  There is nothing out there since I’ve been looking… isn’t that the way it goes!  

I really, really like the little white kitchen playset below.
Vintage Retro Kitchen Collection

One piece for $240.00, Two pieces for $489.00, Three pieces for $699.00 

Don't forget about the shipping and taxes, bringing the total even higher!

Our sink, icebox and oven have a fun retro design with lots of interactive features.  Stainless-steel sink can hold water so kids can scrub their pots and pans, and removes easily for cleaning. 
Icebox has 2 doors, 1 adjustable shelf and faux thermometer.
Oven has removable salt and pepper shakers, a ticking timer and a sliding cook gauge. 
Detailed with easy-to-grip handles and knobs.
A bright finish on all sides resist chipping or fading.
Ages 3 and up.

Built to last of MDF with metal and plastic details.
Finished with glossy paint and sealed with lacquer for moisture resistance.
Overall: 22” wide x 19” deep x 32.5” high
Backsplash: 20.5” wide x 10.5” high x 1.5” thick
Wide Space Interior (without shelf): 11” wide x 16” deep x 17” high
Shelf for wide space: 11” wide x 16” deep
Narrow Space Interior: 9” wide x 16” deep x 17” high
Shelf for narrow space: 9” wide x 16” deep
Weight: 43 pounds
Overall: 19.5” wide x 14.5” deep x 36.5” high
Upper Space Interior: 17” wide x 13” deep x 21.5” high
Lower Space Interior: 17” wide x 13” deep x 12” high
Adjustable Shelf: 17” wide x 13” deep
Weight: 61 pounds

Dust often using a clean, and soft, dry lint free cloth.  Blot spills immediately, and wipe with a clean damp, cloth.  We do not recommend the use of chemical cleaners, abrasives, or furniture polish on our lacquered finish.

I found these at the Land of Nod.  They don’t have quite the vintage retro feel, but they are the same price point.  I think that this one is an older style (the first one), it isn’t on their site anymore.  I kinda like it better than the other two they carry now.

White Fridge – 19”Wx18”Dx36”H - $229.00
White Kitchette – 24”Wx14”Dx35”H - $249.00
Red Stove – 15.55”Wx11.22”Dx26.38”H- $199.00
Red Fridge – 15.55”Wx11.25”Dx26.75”H - $199.00
Red Kitchenette – 15.55”Wx11”Dx37.5”H - $199.00

Playtime really cooks with this wooden play fridge and kitchenette.  Fridge has separate freezer and refrigerator compartments with shelves on each door.  But that’s just the tip of the icebox.  Coordinating kitchenette has a play stovetop and removable, stainless steel sink with turning knobs.  Entertaining can be stressful, even if you’re just having a few friends over and they all happen to be stuffed animals and house pets.  But with a wooden play kitchen like this…your child can whip up make-believe meals in nothing flat.

These are kitchen sets made by KidKraft, here are just a few of their sets.

Dimensions: 33” L x 13” W x 35.7” H ~ Vintage Kitchen
This is the one I like… white, this also comes bubblegum, red, blue, and pink.

Dimensions: 30.25” L x 13.25” W x 37.25” H ~ Prairie Kitchen
Stove: 26” L x 14” W x 26” H ~ Fridge: 12” L x 14” W x 32” H
Retro Kitchen
Dimensions: 31.5” L x 11.8” W x 37.8” H ~ Modern Kitchen
Dimensions: 36” L x 36” W x 35.5” H ~ Gourmet Kitchen

Here are a few repurposed pieces that will just charm you. 
My hat off to Cathe at JUST SOMETHING I MADE, she acquired a wonderful home wooden stove/oven and a darling wooden refrigerator.  Then went looking for a sink to complete her little set… She spotted a perfect piece of furniture at a garage sale, a two drawer end table/ night stand.  Check out her sit, she shows how she repurposed the night stand… Pretty awesome stuff!

This project of the Vintage Play Kitchen Sink, it has been most inspiring.
After looking at all of the them... I might just have to start looking for the right piece of furniture to do just the same thing!
This one is very interesting…go check out this incredible all-in-one play kitchen, repurposed from an entertainment center by Erin Woodward over at SuttonGrace!
You will be able to see the step by step process.



Another very fine repurposed TV Entertainment Center Turned Play Kitchen … from Amy at giggleberrycreations, she saw the play kitchen on the SuttonGrace blog and sent a picture to her mom to show her what she had found. How fabulous is this? Read her story on her blogspot… Amy walks you though the step by step process too!




Oh my goodness… Great job!... I really like this one!
I found this one on Lindsey’s site, it came from Denise… one of her blog readers.

This is a neat site… and scrumptious play cookies too!

This is neat little all in one play kitchen.

This one is a great little repurposed play kitchen.   


This one is small, but very cute! 


And another from… Jane Little’sPhotostream
Repurposed Play Kitchen


This is a wonderful little play kitchen... real nice one!  

And another here.


There are several unique and interesting Play Kitchen’s that you might enjoy taking a gander thru some of the pictures. 
Here are some that I look at… enjoy!
Fruitcake designs, Moline, Jane Little, One Craft Obsessed Mommy, Kim B Photography, Stitching Scientist, Noodleheadsews, BlueRoseMama, LemonCadet, Kumari_ki, Kater-tot, Nap Knits, Smilerynker, Cathinca, The Mayfly

DIY Play Kitchen – Who Needs Pottery Barn?

You can read about this kitchen play set at MommyWords.  She says that they built this set for a total cost of less than $150! Pretty good wouldn’t you say?  She got all her materials on clearance or discount prices.  She modified just a little to be closer to the retro look that she wanted.  The plans were cute and she followed the dimensions but rather than fake on the sink parts and stove knobs she said she used the real thing for this kitchen.  She also built a drawer for below the stove to store pots and pans!  The shelves in all of the pieces are closet shelving.  The handles were a bit expensive at $20 all together but they were scratched or they would have been a lot more.  She also installed a little white shelf in the extra to hold silverware and pantry items.  You can find these plans for this wooden play kitchen at Lowe’

I really do think repurposing of handmade just might be the way o go, if you or someone you know has a carpenter backgroung.  This site will give you the project resources that you will need if you choose to go this way.

The project detail… such as lumber list, hardware and supplies list, and the tools you will be using to complete the project.  Below is the directions for each piece of the children’s play set.

Height: 35.75”
Depth: 17.25”
Width: 20”

Height: 27.50”
Depth: 17.25”
Width: 20.50”

Height: 26.5”
Depth: 17.25”
Width: 20.5”

I think that this one might just be my favorite, I’m not sure though…. I really do like them all!
Check it out!

 If you like the children’s kitchen play set like I do… you can read more about it on Melanie’s site…

Talk about modern style... Black and Stainless.  I really think this one is top of the line!
She could have a kitchen... just like mommie's kitchen in every way!  
My Favorite...I Love it!

They used the building plans from Lowe’s Creative Ideas as the basis for the kitchen.  Here are a few highlights on how they made it special:
They used stainless steel paint for the doors of the appliances.   They decided to design their play kitchen to look like their own appliances.  They used Rustoleum Stone spray paint for the oven interior.  The oven knobs came from an appliance shop off of a discarded stove.   They got a great deal on eBay for the sink- so we were able to put a real sink in her little kitchen.
Again they used the plans from Lowe’s.  She said it was a good step-by step plan, but Ana White also offers another neat one on her website.

This is a great DIY site… Ana White Homemaker.  There is so much stuff, take your time and browse… Enjoy!
Here is a couple Kitchen Sets I found on her site.  Check them all out… There is so much homemade character in each of these play kitchen sets!

Really these are but jut a few of the pics… that I have viewed while trying to decide which style I want my play kitchen to look like!  

 I hope you have enjoyed this tour through children’s play sets… I know I did!

Sorry… if I got just a little carried away with pictures, but I truly LOVE these little kitchen set!

I’m really not sure at this point which way I will go… I’m leaning towards the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Kitchen Set or Gracie’s Original Play Kitchen from Ana White Homemaker, but if I could find the right piece of furniture (old tv entertainment cabinet) I might be persuaded to repurpose one! 

When I choose which play kitchen that I would like to add to the daycare I will post it to the blog... so please to pop in from time to time to see which style I have choosen!
Please share your favorite with me, I would really like to know what inspires you!


  1. wonderful overview! Great Ideas!! Thank you

  2. I also work at a daycare and am in the middle of making a kitchen out of the diaper boxes from my children. Its going to be stainless steel, aka duck taped

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