Friday, July 27, 2012

Flower and Necklace Children's Tops or Shirts

I found this project to be quite a lot of fun and a great idea to give a little splash to a simple white infant or toddler top.  I think that both these tops turned out real cute for an off the cuff idea! 

I have some cute little Beatrix Potter character buttons that I had for many many years, so I finally found a project that I want to use some of them in.

I'm excited... I even have enough fabric leftover to make a pair of Capri Pants and a Sun Hat.  I will share these in a another blog so stay tuned....  

The Necklace top turned out to be real cute.  You know babies are facinated with necklaces.  Now they can have one of their very own... its not quite the same, but it is safer until they understand not to put them in there mouth.  You don't have to worry about leaving them unattended with their necklace.

I have seen some real cute children's tops both onesies and shirts.  Some with ties, for the little guys and some very cute little girl tops too!  Here are a couple variations of styles....

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