Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lady Bird and Honey Bee Sugar Cookies

I wanted to do something special for my grand daughters first birthday.   I  have always wanted to try my hand a making sugar cookies with royal icing.  What a better time than now to try to make some ladybirds (ladybug) and bumble bees cookies.   I have chosen ladybirds and bumble bees because Gracie's first birthday is going to be in the ladybug theme, and I have always admired bumble bees.

  I found several blogs that have inspired me to move forward with my baking project and they have also been very insiteful and a wealth of knowledge on the subject.... so I feel confident that I can do this!

   I have learned many tips, or secrects to the trade of making these types of sugar cookies with royal icing.   I have gathered the recipe I plan to use for these cookies and also for the royal icing.   I have also puchased my ladybug and bumble bee cookie cutters.  I'm ready to start!


These are the cookie cutters that I have chosen to use for this project.  You can find these recipes that I used for the cookies and royal icing on SweetSugarBelle's site.   Let me share this with you.... I've never tasted a better sugar cookie than this recipe!

 Okay.... don't judge to harshly.  There is a story behind these ladybird and bumble bee cookies that were made for our little ladybug!  I planned for a quiet day of decorating... Well that didn't happen!  My house was busier than normal and everyone after finding out what I was doing wanted to help decorate Miss Gracie's First year B'Day Cookies.  So... that's what we did, everyone had a hand in decorating these cookies and the great thing about it is she's to young to judge, she just knows that everyone loves her very much! 

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  1. Where did you get your cookie cutters! I need a honey bee for one of my daughter in laws showers and a lady bug for the other.