Saturday, August 4, 2012

Apron Sewing Class ~ Part 1

My daughter-inlaw Stephanie and a good friend Latrice have been wanting to learn how to sew.  They both have their sewing machines and are eager to learn.  They have been asking me for several months if I would show them... so I guess we better do something about this learning how to sew stuff!  This will be a good thing for them learn, it will open up all sorts of doors, if you know how to sew yourself and don't have to rely on others.  It can be very rewarding as well as useful tool too!   They both have dreams of making their own go girls!  

When I shared with them that we could start their first project, they were so excited and were so eager to get started, they decided that this project should be something that was useful, but not complicated.  They decided that aprons would be a perfect choice for this project... the reasoning behind this choice is that both of them enjoy cooking and baking.  So we set a date to go get their apron patterns and fabric. So we then kept our date to meet at the fabric store and get their supplies.  We had alot of fun while the browsed thru pattern and fabric.  Olivia was with us at the fabric store and said she had a sewing machine and just might have to join in the fun soon. We ran into Beverly there,  she was looking for a buttons to repair a suit that was missing some buttons!  Then we set the next date to layout and pattern pieces on the fabric and pin the pieces down to the fabric.  Of course we set another date to start sewing... they are having so much fun and they are so excited.... I truly wish that I had a project to work on right now too... their excitement is so contagious! 

Here are their apron patterns and fabric choices.


Stephanie's apron pattern and fabric.         Latrice's apron pattern and fabric.

Pattern directions and some of the cut apron pieces.

We are busy sewing up our aprons!
Stephanie is getting excited, she is almost finished with her apron.

Latrice wanted to put a flower or something on her apron for a little splash.  I made this flower pattern for her to put on her apron.  I decided that a 3-D effect would look ready great! 
Now... we had some of Stephanie's fabric left over, so we decided to make
Miss Katelyn Grace a Bapron (bib apron)!  She is ready for a bigger bib, so we decided this was just the right size.  They are busy on their aprons, so I made Gracie's Bapron. 

One of the great features to this apron/bib is that is reversible!

I cut the pattern out of the print fabric and then choose a cream flannel fabric for the opposite side and cut it out also.

Here we embroidered her name on the cream flannel side of the fabric before sewing the two pieces together which makes it a reversible bib.

This Bapron turn out real nice, it was fairly easy to make and it fits Gracie great too.  I will have to make a few more of these apron bibs. Good sized bibs are hard to come by!  

Nana and Gracie

We'll the our sewing class has got side tracked...  I'm sure it will get back on track but I'm going to post this one and when they finish we will do a part 2.  Stephanie got side track on Gracie's 1st Birthday dress and Latrice got side tracked on her small side business called Love Cookie.  We'll you can guess or just imagine what her small business is... Cookies!!!

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