Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jewelry Making

Designing your own jewelry can really be enjoyable and rewarding.  I find it very relaxing to sit, meditate on many things and create unique and unusual pieces.  I find the most enjoyment in making pieces for others rather than myself.  I have made several pieces for family and friends... I’m very sure that I will continue doing just this for years to come!  Sometimes I even put a few pieces in my Etsy Store.  It is nice sometimes to make a little money from my pieces from time to time! 
This one I made as a wedding gift for my daughter in law.  I made it with Lavender Swarvoski Crystal Pearls.  It turned out so nice I made a dark purple for myself for the wedding, since the wedding colors where shades of purple.  I have had several friends ask me to make them one like this necklace I made for Stephanie.

This one is Sterling Silver chain and Swarvoski Crystal Pearls.  This one I had in my etsy shop for while, I will probably put it back in the shop.  It turned out so beautifully that I do have a hard time parting with such beautiful, delicate and unique piece.  This one really has a classic princess style feel and elegance to it and would be fitting for any special person in your life... even ones self!

This one was made with Bordeaux Swarvoski Crystal Pearls.  I had made it for a friend who had just lost her husband.  This one turned out so nice and looks so elegant, it was hard to part with also.

I was experimenting with chain again when I made this one.  I had this one in my etsy shop for sale and a friend came by to visit one day and she was looking thru all my pieces she like it so much that I gave it to her as a gift.   This one I made with Black Cathedral Czech beads, hematite beads and a nice gun metal chain.

Another piece that I made for a good friend while living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I made a necklace and bracelet similar to this one for myself. I varied the Cathedral and Hematite beads to every other for a real classic look.

This one I made for another friend, it was made with Hematite beads and Crystals.  I added a magnetic rose clasp which gave the necklace a delicate classic princess look.   

This one in the gold metal I made for myself... a few years ago my husband bought me a few stand of natural stones for my birthday.  These stones are Lapis, they are mostly blue but have veins of gray and brown.  I had enough beads to make two necklaces, so I made another just like it in silver metal and sold it in my shop on etsy.


 I was creating here, trying my hand at some metal work.  I made all these crazy eight pieces and the clasp for this necklace and used natural stones which are Amethyst.

These two tear drop necklaces are a made with Tanzanite and Crystal with sterling silver beads and clasps.  I gave one to another very dear friend that I do miss very much since moving from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

This one one the left I made for another very dear friend that I also miss very much, she lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The one on the right is one I made for myself, when she saw mine she ask my if I would make her one like mine.  This necklaces are made with Garnets and Fresh Water Pearls.


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I haven’t been able to create any new pieces lately to put in my shop, but I hope soon I will be able to do some creating! So come back... check it out from time to time and see my new creations.  The reason for not having any jewelry in my shop is...  A few months back we moved into our new home after having everything in storage for about four months, just after we moved across the country from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Southern California.  I’m very glad to be settled finally.  I still haven’t had a chance to get into my craft room and get it set up again, but it is coming soon.  I’ve made a promise to myself that I would get it done before spring time.   

You know when you move into a new house, some furniture finds a new home in the new house where in the old house it was maybe used in a different area of the house.  Well everything that I had in my craft and sewing room has been utilized in a different area now, except for my sewing machine and sewing table.  I guess this means I get to buy all new things, create a new look, figure out how I want it to look, what will work best.  Wow…. I’ve never had these choices before.  I don’t even know where to start!

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