Friday, February 24, 2012

Daydreams ~ An Awesome Inspiration

My dear friend Onyema sent me an email with these beautiful pictures a few years ago.  I just love them... I want to thank Adele Enerson for sharing her photos... they are such great inspiration... What AN Imagination!

This little girls mother is a copywriter and concept designer in advertising from Helsinki, Finland.  While her daughter is soundly asleep, she creates a completely different world... from whatever she can find around her!  No doubt she will always have fond memories of her maternity leave, and the special time she spent with her little one!

This is truly inspirational!

You can read more about her on this Etsy Blog also!

Meet the mom behind all this Inspiration...  Visit Mila’s Daydreams!

Truly awesome... Adele has written and illustrated a child's book, and I'm sure she has added some beautiful whimsical photography also!

When My Baby Dreams
Click on the book... it will take you to Amazon to purchase!

 Protect, Nurture and Love

Adele decided to have a competition after so many were inspired to make your own dream pictures of their little ones (See the photo gallery).  Just so cool, more inspiration... see posted pictures that they took of their little ones to her site!  Make sure you go back to MilasDayDream Blogspot and check out who the winners of the competition.  Click on the titles below to see the winners.

The Great FAN ART Competition!

The Great Fan Art Competition — The First FINALIST...

See which one was the winner.... they are all winners to me.  I know that it was hard to be the judge, they were all so good... what incredible creativity, imagination and talent!  I'm sure glad I didn't have to be the judge of this competition! 

Here is another photographer that has been inspiring over the years.  She captures the true innocence and beauty of life. 

Check out Anne Geddes Website!

Go check out her site, look in her Galleries... Amazing! 

There is one section called~ Then and Now 
A Collection of Portraits presenting the babies from some of Anne's original images "as they are today". 

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