Saturday, March 31, 2012

Children's Pedal Cars & Tricycles ~ Part 2 ~ Old, Restored & New Retro

Here we are and ready to go.... let's finish the rest of the pedal car and tricycle saga....

New Old Retro Style Pedal Cars

Here is a couple of pedal car and tricycle catalogs below.

1958 Catalog

1965 Catalog

These little cars are so neat, can you imagine having of these as a child, maybe you did... all the enjoyment one could have or did have with these pedal cars.  We can make sure the next generation does too! 

I found this book on Amazon...

Here is a couple of Volkswagen bugs, for you bug lovers out there!  I know my family has an affinity with these little cars.  My husband has shared stories of them having one of these little cars when he was real young.  Our son, Nick has had several over the years, when he was in high school we bought him a little green one to get back and forth to school...  of course you know boys... there was a little accident and the frame got bent.  My husband, Tim found another white bug that didn't have a motor and since the motor was still good in the green one, he parked both the bugs in the garage and started to process of pulling the motor out of the green bug and putting it in the white bug.  Then this bug a few years later was sold after his Accord for graduation.  Several years later Nick and Tim found a 1966 cream colored one that was really nice and bought it.  This one was part of the family for many years!

Well here are some old and rusty tricycles...
These trikes look like they have seen some real action.

Here is a few of today's style tricycles below...

Some great little sport cars and race cars below...

Some older styles of tricycles.

I thought this was fitting since we live right next to Riverside, California.  I just had to add this pedal car.

Okay... This one is for all you ford 'vs' chevy fans.  I myself have always like both ford and chevy muscle cars.  So you can choose with one appeals to you!

Now... this one is for all the little girls out there
 that love what their daddy's love... cars! 

Here some oldie... but goodies.

I guess one might say these are the Tin Lizzie's!

These are very nice old style restored or original tricycles.

Okay, Here I'm sharing with you my favorite tricycle.  This is like the tricycle that I had when I was a child, my brother and I had so much fun, this tricycle had a little motor that you could turn on and off, it also had the fringe on the handle bars and a bell... 

Murray Thunder Rod

I had my old tricycle up until just about six years ago, I sold it in a garage sale.  We have move a lot in the last 10 years and when moving from state to state you always get rid of the unnecessary peripheral items.  But really wish that I had of kept in now... that I have a little granddaughter, but who new!  We could have restored it like this  beautiful one below!

1966 Murray Thunder Rod

Many tricycles over the years have had broken or lost parts that have been replaced.  Here are just a few that have been fitted with parts from other tricycles to get many more years of enjoyment from  the children that love them!

There are many versions of pedal cars from the older style look to the modern look, here are a few below.

It's hard to show just one of these great looking little cars, they are all such great colors.

Tricycle Makers


Here is a couple real nice examples of tricycles with fire insignia on them.  

I enjoy searching thru all the many pedal cars that are out there.  I'm looking for the right one that just speaks to me, and says buy me!  This will be for my grand daughter when she gets just a little bigger.  Of course I'm looking for one that is all there and doesn't need much restoration.  Here are a few of these many awesome and grand little cars. 

These are some real nice examples of the old style roadsters.

This one is way cool...  I really like the lines and the colors of this one.  It's even got some plush seat covers.


Now... we can't leave out the smallest tricycles that are made for the little tikes!

This has been fun, but all good things must come to an end! 

I hope you enjoyed stepping back in time and the exploration of pedal cars and tricycles.  I know I enjoyed myself in researching which one of these pedal cars I'm starting to look for as project for my grand daughter, so I have time to restore it for when she gets alittle older....  Right now she is enjoying her walker!  Please share with me which are your favorites and we would also love to see pictures of your favorite pedal cars! 


  1. I am looking for a horse tricycle ...1930's
    the bike is not too big..more the size for a 2 year old...not great big wheels...but the front one is just a little bigger than the back two...the horse is a amall one just right for a tike...he was a spotted kind of horse...more like a leopard kind of spot. Can you email me at

    1. I haven't seen any like that, sorry. Good luck in your search.

  2. Hi Laurie, I am trying to ID a trike I just acquired, it looks like the ones you have pictured below the Tin Lizzies, under the line "These are very nice old style restored or original tricycles". Do you know the maker of those trikes? Thanks, Love your site, Paula