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Children's Pedal Cars & Tricycles ~ Part 1 ~ Old, Restored & New Retro

I remember these little pedal cars from days gone by.  We had a couple of these cars that we played with at our Grandma's house, of course they were pretty worn out by the time we played with them, but we enjoyed them just the same! 

These little pedal cars and old tricycles have so much character!

These vintage wooden horse pedal tricycles are so cool, they sure had some neat toys back then! 

Vintage Antique Tricycles

Old Vintage Pedal Cars

Here is a great restoration of an old antique tricycle!

Pedal Boats
(for the landlubbers)
I don't know if these were a big hit with the kids.... I would think that if a child had this pedal boat they might think they could take in on the water and it would float like any other boat!  What do you think?  Please share you thoughts on this subject.

Pedal Tractors

Growing up in the Midwest this was something that you seen alot.  My cousins had one of these little John Deer Tractors and trailers.  We had alot of fun with got to drive and peddle, one got to ride in the trailer, and another one might sneak on for a ride in the trailer too without the drivers noticing.... what great exercise that was.... we sure learned to share! 

Pedal Trains 

These pedal trains are new... I have never seen any old antique ones.  If anyone has seen them, please share some pictures or stories, we would be interested it this seeing some pictures and hearing some stories about the enjoyment that they brought you or someone you knew as a child!

Pedal Motorcycles and Scooters

These pedal bikes are so neat, I really like this first one.  I like this one the most... it has a little trunk behind the seat.   It reminds me of a Harley 45 Servi-Car.  Indian motorcycles had one also!  For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about I have added a couple pictures.  I've  learned alot about motorcycles over the years from my husband Tim.  These motorcycles started out being used by the police force.  They made these motorcycles for about 40 years and over the years they took on the nick name " Trike." 

1958 Harley Davidson Servi-Car             1940 Indian Chief Police Dispatch Trike

Some Tricycles with sidecars and some with trunks, they do resemble their adult counterparts.  

Some fine looking scooters below!

Pedal Airplanes

These pedal airplanes are to cool!  Every child should have one of these babies... so they can experience soaring like a bird with the wind in their face even if it is on the ground!  I really like the forth plane (the black and silver coca-cola one).


Imagination is a  good thing when there is more than two children and not enough pedal cars to go around... we had in improvise a little.  we used a n old vintage baby stroller/walker for our second car... probably from the 30's or 40's.  My grandmother had one of these baby walkers/strollers and an old pedal car that was stored in the rafters of the garage.  After my dads younger siblings out grew them, they went into storage until the grandchildren came along.  This was great for us, we had many wonderful days, hours and such a good time playing outside with these hot rods!

Here is some unusual 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled children's outdoor toys below. I really like the first one ("The Irish Mail Cart").  Upper arm and body exercise on this one for sure!

What character this one below has... a little trunk.

This one looks like it was a handmade job.  Some welded up a little trailer and attached it to an old big wheeled tricycle.   

This one below has a big rubber pads on the back axle,  this was probably for one child to drive and peddle while the other stood on the back for a free ride! 

I think it would be a good thing to stop now and take a break... I don't want to overwhelm anyone on this subject, so here is the end of part one and we will continue part two in another blog post!  

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  1. Great photos, takes me back to a simpler more fun time. Thankx for the memories.