Saturday, July 6, 2013

Paper Craft Edgers

Wow these paper edgers have really came in handy for my craft projects and everyone else's as well!
These paper edgers can be a necessity for paper crafts projects and other projects.  Those who scrapbook... I'm sure already know about them and have since moved onto bigger and better tools for their scrapbooking projects! 
You can find these paper edges at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann's and such, but they only sell them individually.  They don't have everyone of these edgers in stock, they only have a couple from of each of these sets.   These can get costly if your buying them individually!  
I found a couple of places that you can purchase these set online.  Some are cheaper and some are about the same price but you have a wider variety of designs.  
I found a couple online stores an art supply s Dick Blick an Art Supply Store.
These are about $12.00 a set.


and here is another called Hobby Tool Supply
These are about $29.00 a set.


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