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 Watercolors are one of the most awesome forms of art.  Free hand drawing and sketching are both very beautiful forms of art also.  I would like to try my hand at watercolor one day, to be able to express myself thru drawing and color again.  I remember drawing as a young child/teenager and enjoyed it very much, but somewhere along life's path... I seem to have lost that free spirit of movement and motion.  Now... it seems as my perfection has tainted my flow of free spirit. 
I have always been inspired by Beatrix Potter in many ways for many years... from her love of animals and nature.  Her passion for drawing and painting as child is what pulled on me as a child.  If she could do it I could do it!  Her desire to share her art and stories of her beloved little animals friends.  She believed that others would enjoy them as much as she did, and they surely have for many generations.  Believing in ones self is the basis for a great start in any endeavor!    
Then later in her life with the same passion... her great work as a conservationist.  
Below are some of Beatrix Potter's watercolors.  The garden gate and raised garden are beautiful examples of floral color and textures in watercolors.

 (A Path near Sidmouth, watercolor by Beatrix Potter, 1866-1943, English writer, illustrator, sheep breeder,
and conservationist, and creator of Peter Rabbit, among many others)
Watercolors by Beatrix Potter
Another Watercolor by Beatrix Potter of Fawe Park


Winslow Homer, North Road, Bermuda, 1900, watercolor and pencil on white wove paper, Partial gift of Mrs. John Wintersteen)

Here you can see the how talented that this artist, KC Benson Morning in May  
Tuscan Paintings by Pat Fiorello...
of Poppies Fields in Italy

Here are two paintings by Erin Detner  
Lavender Fields in France

This one is called... Life on the edge
This one was painted in Greece.

There are so many very fine examples and  great inspirations for beginners that would like to paint watercolors with or even oil painting for that matter! 
By Derek Gundy
Painting Classes in... Washington State

 Classes for Beginners... In Southern California
 Follow your dreams and aspirations... Don't what find classes were ever you live.


I've been watching some youtube video's.... what inspiration!  Here's a couple video's to encourage your interest in painting.  It really doesn't look that hard maybe a few techniques is all we need!
By Lorraine Watry
Oh my gosh... check out Lorraine's sites.... especially her youtube video's on her channel which is... watercolors11

Above is her website and blog as well!  Exceptional video's on her youtube station... I would have liked to posted one of her video's  here but they are blocked.  Visit her site... She has about 17 video's of so at this time on her channel.

Watercolor Techniques for Beginners part 1 of 3 OLD VERSION
also part 2 of 3, and 3 of 3
Watercolor Techniques for Beginners REMAKE part 1 of 4
also part 2 of 4, part 3 of 4, and part 4 of 4

and several more on
Watercolor Demo of Waterlilies Part 1 thru 7
Watercolor Demo of a Garden Scene Part 1 & 2
Here is another Artist on youtube that has most excellent beginner instructions ~ Andy Walker
This video comes from the first Part of the 32 Part course in watercolour painting from This video is entitled Looking After Your Brushes and Paints
Watercolor painting course Part 1 ~ Looking after your brushes
Using watercolor pencils Part 1
An introduction to using watercolour pencils - the first video in a short series by Andy Walker. Find out more at
Watercolour Painting Course Introduction
Find out more about this and other art couurses at
Drawing Course
Find out more about this and other online art courses at
 For this one below check out the youtube channel ~ paintbasket it has many artist giving free art lesson and tutorials.   You can also go to paint baskets website for much more drawing and painting instructions.     

 6 Color Wheel Mixing System
Learn how to use the 6 colour color wheel to mix your colors correctly.
Artist Dennis Clark on PaintBasket
Watercolor Lesson with Susan Harrison-Tustain .. Painting Backgrounds 
Here is a notation from the youtube channel about her website below.... .. This is a snippet of video from Susan Harrison Tustain's best selling watercolor lessons on DVD - "One-on-One Watercolor Workshops". For more information you can visit or drop in to Susan's homepage at

On the DVD you will discover Susan's unique 'Priming Method' which allows total control of watercolor painting. One of the secrets is to let all washes dry thoroughly before applying new washes. Find out more here:
Brearded Iris ~ Mary Ann Boysen
Daylily in traditional Chinese ~ blueheronarts
This instructional video is a invaluable time-saver that will enable you to get good at how to paint. It showed how to make clouds and a skyline.   How To Perform Graded Wash In Watercolour Painting ~ on youtube channel ~ videojugartscrafts.
Spring Flowers in Watercolor by Sterkhov.flv  ~ sterkhovart
Watercolour demo - Aquarelle "How to paint trees Part II"  ~ Anita Jansen
How to Paint Waterfalls with Tom Jones ~ JerrysArtarama
Line and Wash by PETER WOOLLEY ~ peterwoolleyartist
Peter has several and the all have great information in them for a beginner. I think at this time there is about 17 youtube video's.
DVD ~ Brush with Watercolour with Terry Harrison ~ PulsarProductions1
DVD ~ How To Paint Watercolour Washes with Fiona Peart ~ PulsarProductions1
Click on this link to see the second part of The Old Lockekeeper's Cottage Part 2 
by AnneMarie Bourke
I wanted to add a few sites that I found while browsing on youtube, they all had a lot information about watercolor painting and some had some beautiful landscapes paintings as well.
This site is one of my favorites...   Just look at all the beautiful landscapes of different countrysides.
This one there are several paintings that are worth checking out.   
There was a few youtube video's that showed how to paint portraits in watercolor, which I found very interesting indeed.  I'm not sure if I would ever venture into portraits, but who know the future. 
 I've been researching table top easels and found this one that holds everything in two drawers and would be just great for traveling.  I think this is the one I'm leaning to over a french style tripod easel.  Listed where I found these easel below.
Restoration Hardware

Portable English table easel sets up wherever, whenever inspiration strikes
Compact and adjustable
Includes 14 each acrylic, watercolor and oil paints; 24 oil pastels; six brushes (including bristle and nylon); 30 colored pencils; one palette; one spatula; and one canvas
Two storage drawers
Carrying handle
Unfolded: 15¾"D x 17"W x 17"H
Folded: 6"H
No Longer Available

Tabletop Easel 
This sturdy tabletop easel with its bevy of art supplies is perfect for the artist on the go. The portable kit features convenient storage drawers, handle, and shoulder strap.
Ages 10 and older. Includes 30 colored pencils, 3 drawing pencils, 24 pastels, 14 tubes oil paint (12 ml. each), 14 tubes tempera paint (12 ml. each), 14 tubes acrylic paint (12 ml. each), 6 brushes, blank canvas, wooden paint palette, convenient fold-out storage drawers, adjustable canvas holder, carrying handle, and shoulder strap. Wood. 16'' x 13 1/2'' x 6 1/2''
About $115.00
Jerry's Artarama
Renior Travel Tableop Easel

Metal Lined Sketch Box/ Beech Wood Table Easel
Now Creative Mark has upgraded the Renoir to last better than ever before! This premium quality table easel is made of refined seasoned beech wood that has a light oil finish to preserve the wood.
It features an innovative metal lined sketch box design that keeps supplies within arms reach while painting and allows easy adjustments to adapt to various media. The metal lining also protects the easel from erosion due to spills of painting media or seepage from oil paint tubes.
It will accept canvases or pads up to 34" high and any reasonable width. Both the top and bottom canvas holders telescope so you can paint at various working heights based on your own preferences. You can paint at various painting angles from 0-90º to accommodate a wide range of media.
Folds to just 14" × 16" × 5" and includes a leather carrying handle and 14" × 16" × 1½" drawer. Weighs just 9 lbs and comes completely assembled in gift box.
About $60.00

Dick Blick
Revenna Table Sketch Box Easel by Art Alternatives

The Ravenna Easel, crafted of seasoned elm, travels compactly as a sketchbox, and is approximately the size of a laptop computer.
Place it on any flat surface, and the easel unfolds and expands to hold canvases up to 34" tall. Adjust the working angle anywhere from 0° to 90°.
16H X 14W X 5D 
About  $70.00



Artist Loft Box Table Easel

Dick Blick
 Jullian Plein Air Travel Box Table Easel by Jillian Paris

This elegant table easel turns into a travel case for painting on the go.  The oiled elmwood box is made in
France by Jullian, and holds a canvas up to 34" high. It has a tin-lined, locking pullout drawer for supplies.
Organize supplies the way you like — drawer compartments are adjustable.  Details include brass-plated
hardware, a leather handle, and a tag holder made for long-lasting durability and style.
34H x 16.5L x 14.5W X 4.5D
About $80.00

Met Museum

 Italian Easel
The fold-up wooden easel has adjustable legs, plus adjustable brackets to hold large or small canvases.
 Includes handy storage drawer, 6 watercolors, 10 acrylic paints, 1 blank canvas, wood palette, and nylon
shoulder strap.  81''H fully extended; folds to 23 1/2''L x 15 1/2''W x 6''D
About $150.00

 Dick Blick and Jerry's Artarama
Jullian Original French Easel
With a design that has stood the test of time, the Jullian easel combines a sketchbox, easel, and canvas carrier
in one, saving time and money for the location or demonstration painter.  It is handcrafted of naturally dried
beechwood, which will develop a beautiful golden tone with age.  

It has brass-plated fittings in the tradition of fine cabinetry. The easel stands up to 70-1/2" high, and holds a
canvas up to 31-1/2" tall.  Folded, the full box easel measures only 16-5/8" wide × 7" deep × 22" high. The two
front legs fold away compactly to the side, while the adjustable rear leg disappears neatly into the underside
of the easel's sketchbox.

Adjust the legs and the tilt to whatever height and angle best suit your painting style — forward for pastels,
vertical for oils, and flat for watercolors. The Jullian comes with a set of spikes, to further enhance the stability
of the easel when needed. The weather-resistant, metal-lined box holds paints, brushes, and accessories.
Remove the upper drawer, and there's even more storage space underneath.  When not it use, the easel serves
 as a canvas carrier. A finished painting can be positioned on the outside of the folded easel and carried until
completely dry.
The Jullian comes pre-assembled and includes a mahogany finish wooden painting palette, a leather carrying
handle, and a leather shoulder strap.  The Full Box Jullian Easel comes with a Free Carry Bag. 
About $205.00

also below organizer drawers $40.00 and umbrella $42.00
 Jullian Easel Organizer Drawers — Organize these extra drawers by media type, and change supplies for

your Jullian Easel Box in an instant.  Jullian's Studio Organizer drawers are chrome-lined for easy cleaning.
They close securely for convenient carrying in the field, and the cover doubles as a palette.  A blank label is
included. Drawers fit the Jullian Full Box French Easel only.
Jullian Easel Umbrella — This handy umbrella clamps quickly onto your easel, table, or chair and positions
easily via a flexible plastic gooseneck. The 51" diameter shade is made of translucent white nylon. It provides
relief from the sun without affecting the colors on your palette.

Pottery Barn ~ Artist Easel

Paint, draw and get inspired with this artist essential. Handcrafted of pine with a warm finish, our easel is adjustable and features a drawer in front for supplies.
31" wide x 36.5" deep x 55" high
Made of solid pine.
Features brass fittings and hardware.
No Longer Available

Jerry's Artarama
Traveling Monet French Easel
Sketch Box Easel 
A French Easel On Wheels!
Let's face it, a fully loaded French Easel can weigh 20 lbs or more, and that's a lot of weight for the average person to lug around all day. Wouldn't it be great if you could take your French easel anywhere you go without straining your back?
Introducing the Traveling Monet French Easel, the perfect solution for artists on-the-go. Made to the highest standards by skilled craftsman, this hand oiled wood easel holds a huge selection of supplies. Finally you can bring along a whole studio's worth of art supplies, including everything from paint tubes, charcoal and drawing gear, to palettes, palette cups, painting knives and brushes.
The Traveling Monet includes a wood palette for your convenience, but you can easily take a paper palette along if you prefer. The easel will support any canvas of reasonable height and width, but it can also be used with supported paper or watercolor blocks up to 32" high. It even serves as a wet canvas carrier once your session is complete, so painting in oils is not a problem.
The key features of the easel include two wheels for easy rolling and a telescoping handle. Together, these features help you travel wherever your artisitc adventures take you, all with limited lifting and significantly reduced back strain. To top it all off, the box folds up compactly to fit almost anywhere, ideal for storing your easel when not in use.

Color: Walnut
Size folded: 22" × 17" × 9"
Weight: 12 lbs.
Height Open: 72"
Top height with fully extended handle: 35"
Drawer size: 18-3/4" × 12-1/8" × 1-7/8"
One large drawer compartment: 18" × 4" × 1-1/2"
Three small drawer compartments: 7" × 6" × 1-1/2"
Two brush compartments: 15" × 3-1/4" × 1-1/2"
Wooden palette: 17-3/4" × 11-1/8"
Includes shoulder strap

About $150.00
All these easels look like they could serve as either a floor easel or a table top easel by taking the legs off... but I'm am no expert.

Artisan Grand Easel
I'm not sure where this painting of the ocean and sunset came from.... it's been in my pictures for a very long time.  This is one of my favorite places to be...  Meditating on God's Awesome works!
Here are a few different styles of table easels below...

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