Saturday, January 5, 2013

Children's Wooden Blocks

This is a project I have been so looking forward to making for a long time, now I have a good reason to start...  I know that these blocks will get lots of use from not only my grand daughter, but the daycare children as well.  

This truly is a project I have been so excited and eager to start making.  Gathering up all the required items to start this project.  I'm going to use 1.5 inch wooden blocks made from maple or birch.  I have also spent a lot of time designing and thinking about what I want these wooden blocks to look like when I'm finished, and what I want to put on them. 

Of course you probably know what little characters that I'm going to put on the wooden blocks... Yes, that correct... Beatrix Potter's furry little friends!


All wooden blocks should have these few basic components...  that is alphabet letters, numbers, colors, and pictures.  I have decided that I want some picture puzzles on the blocks also!

We'll in the process of designing these blocks, I decided to change one of my basic thoughts and this was... Originally I wanted these blocks to have the 10 basic colors which was white, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, but in putting these 10 colors on the blocks, I noticed that the blocks weren't going to be as lively/visual as I wanted them to be with these cute little characters.  There would have only been one small picture on each block, and the puzzle picture.  But I opted for two pictures on each block and the puzzle pictures.  The blocks still have solid colors from the _____, sage and lavender... I think this makes for a great color combination! 

The 10 colors... I decided I'm going to make another set of blocks because I'm enjoying making this set of blocks right here!   The new set of blocks will more of a domino size but just a little bigger.  I'm looking at wooden blocks that are 2-1/4" wide x 1-1/2" tall x 3/16" thick, this will make for a real nice memory/concentration game using the 10 colors and of course some more of these cute little characters!

Now these are the pictures I'm going to use for the four puzzles that I'm putting on the blocks.

The pictures above is where I strategically laid out the characters/or pieces in the way I wanted to present them on the blocks.
The process that I went thru in preparing these blocks was to cut out all the letters and numbers, and to glue all the square pictures on the blocks. 



I've had alot of fun doing these blocks and really want to make the other set that I mentioned  earlier.  Who knows I might even make a couple smaller sets and put them in my etsy shop.  I would even consider doing some smaller custom orders  sets... if given ample time to complete block sets because these blocks are very detailed blocks.  If anyone is interested contact me thru my etsy shop... purplesageoriginals.

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