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Quest for Snowflake Cookie Cutters

Growing up in the Midwest, wintertime was a magical time with plenty of snow! A lot of my childhood memories are in wintertime.  We all know that as a child there are not many cares or worries, just fun, fun, fun.  It's not until we get older that we start to experience life and that it's not all fun and games!  Although it gets really cold in Montana, we loved to play outside.  Building snow angels, snowmen, snow forts, carving furniture out of large snowballs, sledding, and inner tubing, oh my what we didn't try...  It was a wonder that none of us broke any bones!  We had an outside ice skating rink near our neighborhood, we spent a lot of time there.  I learned to ice skate fairly young, but never learn to roller skate.  They say, if you can do one you can do the other, but I don't know about that part... I've never roller skated! I guess the if we had of had more sidewalks where I lived I would have experience this too, but we lived on the edge of town where there were very few sidewalks.  I even remember that one winter my dad painstakingly and with much love , I know now... but didn't then that it was for our safety, he made us our own personal ice skating pond in our back yard. We live on a piece of land that was about an acre or two.  I do miss the snow now, but I sure don't like the cold since I've gotten just a little older.  I'm sure I will sacrifice some warmth to see our grand daughter experience some of these wintertime activities... of course when she is a little older!   

My most favorite time of the winter when I was a child was when it is slightly warm outside...  now remember it is still very cold outside!  It seemed like there was a quietness at this time, a real silence in the air...  probably just my imagination!   Large snowflakes falling all around me, and just laying in the snow and making snow angels!  This I remember doing several times in my childhood laying in the snow... and each time after making these snow figures with the snowflakes falling all around me, just pondering the creation of God and were I fit into it!  I would just lay there on the cold snowy covered ground... looking up into the sky and ponder life, and want to know more about Jesus.   I'm so thankful he heard my faintest cry and he surely didn't forget about me!  He has brought me to the best he has in this earth! 

We'll enough about Laurie's ramblings of her childhood.  I have been looking for a couple of snowflake cookie cutters and this has been an experience also...  I thought I would share my findings.

I was surprised to find so many styles of snowflake cookie cutters.  I know that some of these cutters are the same as other cutters.   You can see its all in the way you cut your snowflakes out and decorating the cookie... truly it is hard to exhaust ways to decorate them! 

I like this snowflake that I found at fancyflours blogsite.  She was very creative with her design. From the texture of sugar sprinkles to the varied sizes of the pearl sprinkles.

Here is one that I found on Grace Designs blogspot. I really these because they have more of an essence of real snowflakes about them, because of all the holes.  She had reference this site for these cutters... .

These cookies look similar to the ones above, they are an older set I found from Williams and Sonoma.
Excellent design byfrazicake
These are some very nice copper snowflake cookie cutters below.  I really like the copper cookie cutters, but the cost always gets me.  They are just a little more pricey than aluminum and tin cutters.... this means you can get more cutters for the cost of the copper ones!

Sur La Table  
found at or at Kitchenworks Inc. for $8.00.  Here are a few others below from old River Road that I found on Amazon.

These are interesting snowflake cookie cutters below.  It looks like the largest cutter is about 5-6 inches in diameter and then they all get smaller from there.


I found a picture of a cookie in progress of a finished cookie, so you could really see what these cookies would look like, as you can see they are a layered style of cookie.




 R and M Cookie Cutters and you can find these at Copper Gifts , these are about $9.00 dollars.

These cutters are made by Fox Run company and found at the Irresistible Cookie Jar .

You can find this one at Shop Bakers Nook.  They have an abundance of baking supplies also!
Both of these sets below... I've seen at a couple different places.
This set is from the company R M International and I found them at Cake Supplies Depot for $13.00.   

This set of 7 cookie cutters... I found at Off the Beaten Path for #13.00 and also found at the Fondant Source for $11.00.  I also found one on Etsy for $12.00.

Here is a Large Fancy Snowflake from Candyland Crafts.
We'll hope you enjoyed the journey, as for me I am just a little more confused than I was on which set I want because, I like them all and they are all very nice!    But, some of these are the came cookie cutters and I guess it's all in the decorating and designing your snowflake cookies! 

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