Saturday, August 25, 2012

Decorating Miss Grace's Room

Stephanie has started decorating Gracie's Room.  She has started by picking out some real cute whimsical letters for her name on her wall.  Her room is sorta a peachy pink or an antiqued dusty rose, which ever you would like to call it.  So we decided that the letters should be sage green, these colors compliment each other nicely. 

Now everyone has nicknames, right!  We'll hers is no exception!  My grand daughters name is Katelyn Grace, but we all call her Gracie.  She has been called Gracie since... before she was born, the name just stuck and seemed right.  One might say, then why not just name her Gracie, not Katelyn.  We'll this is the million dollar question...  and there is no right  or wrong answer, other than Katelyn Grace is my grand daughter name and it is a very pretty name at that!  So that is why they chose Grace for the name on her wall. 

In the back ground of this picture above... on the table you might be able to see another project in the works. I'm working on some homemade wooden blocks with Beatrix Potter Characters on them... so stay tuned for that blog, coming soon!

These letters turned out so nice, now we just need to hang them on the wall. 

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