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Children's Classic Books and Other Books

I was looking thru some children's books the other day and started reminiscing about some of the books that we enjoyed as a children.  I'm looking for a few of my favorites for the Daycare.   They will also make great books for my granddaughter to grow up with...  Studies have shown that if you read to your little ones at a very early age and continue as they grow... this helps to cultivate a love and an enjoyment for reading when their older and will surely help them in their schools years.  Other ways to encourage the imagination process is thru storey telling and play acting.   

So... encourage them to have favorite books, before they can read... you should read to them, have them read to you, and share their stories with you as well!

Beatrix Potter is my most favorite children's author.  Her stories of Peter Rabbit and his friends has charmed generations of readers....
Beatrix Potter's little stories are some of the children's classics. 





Another author has written a great many children stories for all ages over the years is Stephen Cosgrove.   He has one group of children's books, 60 books in all, they were called the Serendipity Series. This series of books were published back in the late 70's, they all have a fun story with a moral theme.   The illustrator Robin James has such cute little characters that really draw you into as a child... which I think is a great combination. Stephen wrote his first four books which began the Serendipity Series: “Serendipity”, “Wheedle on the Needle”, “The Dream Tree”, and “The Muffin Muncher”.   His said, his goal in writing these books was to create interesting, fun, affordable books that contained a moral in each story.

SerendipityTM books have warmed the hearts of young and old alike for several decades now, they are becoming a classic in children's literature. Each tale teaches youngsters how to deal with challenges of their world, proving them with positive solutions to difficult problems. These whimsical characters are beautifully illustrated as they entertain and inspire every reader, young and old alike.

   Bangalee ~ Being clean and tidy makes life easier for yourself and others.
Buttermilk ~  The dark of night, and a vivid imagination, can make ordinary things seem scary.
Buttermilk Bear ~ An "open mind" is the key to conquering all kinds of predjudice.
Butterwings ~  Laughing at yourself can be the most fun of all.
Capn Smudge
Catundra ~  Healthy food and excercise keep you well in body and mind.
Crabby Gabby ~ Having fun while playing a game is more important than winning.

Creole ~ Don't judge people by their appearance, but look to what they are within. 
Crickle-Crack ~ It's important to know when to say "no".
Dragolin ~ You can be your best if you really believe in yourself.
Dream Tree ~ Though it is sometimes hard to wait, growing up comes soon enough.
Fanny ~ Being handicapped is only a state of mind.
Feather Fin ~ There's no place like home.
Flutterby ~ Be just who you are.
Flutterby Fly ~ Gossip is harmful- and usually filled with lies.
Frazzle ~ Children need care - even before they are born.
Gabby ~ Talking is fun, but listening is just as important.
Glitterby Baby ~ Sometimes love forces us to make difficult choices.
Gnome From Nome ~ Love and friendship can warm the coldest day.
Grumpling, The ~ Good manners are an important part of daily life.
Hucklebug ~ Even though you have chores to do, home is still the place to be.
In Search of the Saveopotomas ~ It's best to take only what you need.
Jake OShawnasey ~ If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.
 Jalopy ~ Language can sometimes be used as a barrier.
Jingle-Bear ~ Father snow will only come when all little bears are asleep.
Kartusch ~ Beauty is not only in the eye, but in all of the senses.
Kiyomi ~ Conceit can make you blind to what is really beautiful.
Lady Rose ~ Those who are gone are never forgotten.
Leo the Lop ~ You're special because you're you.
Leo the Lop Tail 2 ~ Even little creatures can be very brave.
Leo the Lop Tail 3 ~ Playing by yourself can be a lot of fun.
Leo the Lop Tail 4 ~ (aka grandpa Lop) ~  Adults can learn from the magic children have in their hearts.
Little Mouse on the Prairie ~ Laughter makes work much easier.
Maui Maui ~ Take only what you need from nature.
Maynards Mermaid ~ You own imagination can be a good friend.
Memily ~ Whether you're short, tall or medium, you're perfect just as you are.
Ming Ling ~  Sharing your environment with others is rewarding.
Minikin ~ Don't be too impatient - growing up comes soon enough!
Misty Morgan  ~ Remember that there is a time for work and a time for play.
Morgan and Me ~ Treat your friends the same way you would like them to treat you.
Morgan and Yew ~ Love is the most important possession we can have.
Morgan Mine ~ Trust and understanding are the building blocks of friendship.
Morgan Morning ~ A young horse wanders to a mystical land and is turned into a unicorn.
Muffin Dragon ~ Helping others makes it easier for them to help you.
Mumkin ~ Fear of losing what you have can rob you of the joy of sharing.
Napoleons Rainbow ~ Don't be afraid of change. It can be beautiful.
Nitter Pitter ~ Vanity can cost you friends.
Persnickity ~ We each have our own idea of perfection.
Piddle Pine Paddle Whackers ~
Pish Posh ~ Every creature is useful and special in its own way.
Poppyseed ~ Being a big brother or sister is a special job.
Raz Ma Taz ~ Showing off is not a good way to get loving attention.
Rhubarb ~ To have a friend you must be a friend.
Sadie ~ True friendship grows out of love, not need.
Sassafras ~ Kindness is always appreciated more than sarcasm.
Serendipity ~ Knowing who you really are will bring you happiness.
Shimmeree ~ Don't be afraid of the unknown.
Snaffles ~ Expressing your emotions aways makes you feel better.
Sniffles ~ When we exaggerate everything, we often forget what the truth is.
Sooty-Footy ~ Friends don't take advantage of each other.
Squabbles ~ Buttermilk has the courage to get involved.
Squeakers ~ Squeakers learns to say "NO!" to situations which make him uncomfortable.
Tail of Three Tales ~ Erin Go Braugh...and you forever!
Tee Tee ~ You're never alone when you know who you are.
The Gigglesnatcher ~
The Puddle Pine ~ Protect the forests for they are important to everyone.
Tickles Tale ~ Sometimes too much curiosity can get you into trouble.
Trafalgar True ~ Learning to share can bring us closer together.
Trapper ~ Everyone can enjoy nature if we all let it be.
Wheedle on the Needle ~ When people work together, they can solve almost any problem.
Zippity Zoom ~ It is important to take the time to enjoy life.

In the 1974 when these books forst started to be published they came in paperback and then later they came in a larger hardcover size. 

Late this last year I found out that they are starting to republish these wonderful books again, and  they have added a new book also...
It is called, Wheedle and the Noodle.

The Wheedle, a large furry creature with a red blinking nose, has lived wrapped in peace and quiet atop the Space Needle for years and years. But late one night all of that changed as the empty streets echoed with the plaintiff cries of a creature in distress. Of greater distress was the fact the Wheedle couldn’t sleep with all that noise. From Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James, the creators of the Serendipity Series, a delightful tale of caring and understanding as the Wheedle finds the the source of the noise, an abandoned kitten he calls the Noodle.

I have a few more favorites, but I will add them at a later time!  Please share with us what your favorite children's books are, we are very interested in hearing about what inspires you and also finding new books we have not read yet!   

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