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Designing a New Sewing and Craft Room

We’ll here I am in sort of a small dilemma… not knowing which way to turn, or what to do, now I have so many choices, which one will work best!

A few months back we moved into our new home after having everything in storage for about four months, just after we had moved across the country again, this time from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Southern California. I’m so very glad to be settled finally! I still haven’t had a chance to get into my craft room and get it set up again, but it is coming soon. I’ve made a promise to myself that I would get it done before the end of the year, and that’s coming real soon!

Here is some of my dilemma… You know when you move into a new house, some furniture finds a new home in the new house where in the old house it was maybe used in a different area of the house. Well everything that I had in my craft and sewing room has been utilized in a different area in the house now, except for my Babylock Elegante sewing machine and the Koala sewing cabinet/table and one matching drawer base. The nice thing about this table is the back of the cabinet folds up making a nice big work space on the back of the table, which can be used for many different projects, not just sewing!

I guess this means I get to buy all new things, create a new look, figure out how I want it to look, what will work best. Wow… I’ve never had these choices before… I don’t even know where to start!

Lions, Tigers and Bears… Oh My!

My craft room in this house is bigger than any space I have ever had before! It is great to be able to start with a clean slate, but on the other had it can be and is a bit challenging too!   

I think my biggest challenge is that I don’t just have one crafting love or passion… but I have many. What I mean by this is some just like scrapbooking/stamping/card making, which all this is sort of the same venue. They really don’t have a mixed palette of crafting likes, such as quilting, crocheting, jewelry making, candle making, soap making and much more…this is me! Now, your probably wondering how I’m going to get this all in one space! We’ll… I’m not! My soap making/candle making supplies will have a very small storage area in my husbands space in the garage since my craft room is on the second story the house we are in now. I really do like to have all my things for creativity in one spot, but I think that this will work out well in the long run.

I have been looking at many different youtube videos on how others have set up their craft spaces. Then I took a stroll thru all the picture of craft spaces on google images and yahoo images, and of course a few magazines, and other venues to see how others have put their crafting spaces together, and what type of storage they used to complete their crafting spaces. This has been most inspiring and I have gathered some real good ideas, even though crafting venues can be very different, storage is storage for almost all crafts. Some ideas just work better than others for certain kinds of crafts.

A Craft Room That Reflects Your Passion
I really like this little space, this is it in a nut shell in more way than one!  Take a peek at this little craft room where you can craft your passion!

Here's another crafter that has it going on!  I really like Sharon's style of her crafting area.  She has so much in her space but it is a very clean and crisp look, white has a classic and timeless feel.  Look at all the storage that is in here room.  You can see her crafting space here if you go to her blogsite. 

I liked Sharon's craft space so much, here's a video and pictures....  Enjoy! 

Here is another craft space that just grabs me and says... yes!  You can see Karen has a real passion for her craft also! 

Karen @

My online searches took me thru heading titles like… crafting room, craft room, craft room ideas, small craft room, craft room organization, ikea craft room, craft room office.   Also sewing craft room, sewing room, sewing room ideas, sewing room designs, sewing studio, scrapbook room, Michael’s jetmax pieces craft room, Target’s modular cube storage systems, Walmart’s mainstay modular storage units and X-Tra Storage Modular Cabinets, Kartell modular shelves, Closetmaid Qubemates stacking storage system.

I even check out these stores and online stores for furniture or storage that might work in creating my crafting passion space.Ikea, Michael’s, Target, Walmart, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, The Land of Nod, Pier 1, World Market,,,,,, Stacks and Stacks, Container Store, Bed-Bath and Beyond, Linens and Things, Staples, Joann’s, Hancocks,, small,,,

Okay...maybe I wasn't realistic with having my sewing and craft room finished by the end of the year!   There are so may endless possibilities.... 

wre moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  So it went on hold, I had no idea what my craft room would look like in the new house or even if I would have a craft room....shutter the thought that I might not have a space to create!   By the end of Feburary 2009 we were setttled in our new place and it had a real nice space for my craft room, Ithat made me happy!  It didn't take me long to get settled in tto my new craft space, unlike my sitituation with no storage space in my craft room in this house.    

Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space: Sewing-Room Makeovers for Any Space and Any Budget on Amazon, click below!

I do know that I would like to have some bookshelves or cubbies, some opened some closed, either with drawers or doors, maybe even both.

 I would like some wall curio shelves of some sort. A quilt design board wall would be real nice, I had one of these in my craft room when we lived in New Mexico, it was great! Some kind of picture board with ribbon, maybe even with a frame.

Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space
Complete your perfect space with Martha Stewart Living™ craft furniture
Everyone should have a craft room like this! You can find her pieces at Home Decorators.

Martha Stewarts Attic

New craft furniture collection has plenty of options
Click this link for some close up pictures of the collection.

Here are some more inspiring places that I just happened upon... in my quest for inspiration and designs of sewing and craft spaces! 

Dining Room that we turned into my Office/Craft Room

What a Great Idea !
Thanks, Jen

These are Ikea cabinets and accessories above.

Pottery Barn Cabinets
Here is a few craft rooms that inspire a passion to create...  Where people create!

Thanks, Ashley
Heather Bailey's Craft Room ~ Studio

Porter Bookcase

All of these crafting spaces are so well put together and thought out.  This can be a bit challenging to figure out what might work best for you, but rest assured that it's not a rocket science, and most anything will's figuring out what might work best, that's where your personal taste comes into play.  What works well for one... might not work well for another! 

Please share your thoughts and ideas, we would love to hear from ya!

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