Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby Taggy’s & Lovey’s ~ Handmade Comfort for Babies

These little handmade inventions make great items for babies. Every baby should have at least one of each of these beauties! Taggy’s are Comfort Toys and Lovey’s are Comfort Blankets and usually they are vary colorful indeed!
Babies really seem to love these toys with the colorful ribbons. They won’t loose their Taggy’s when you attached them with the plastic ring, like this one shown in the first picture. You can attach the Taggy to their car seat or stroller, or for that matter you could attach them to anything so they will always have a play toy with them at all times for their playing enjoyment.  I suppose you could even attach there pacifier and they wouldn’t loose that either!

Any small plush toy makes a nice Lovey too!
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Here is my Taggy of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too, trying to save Piglet on a blustery day.

For the Winnie the Pooh Taggy.... I cut my fabric out in 8 inch squares. I used two squares for the front and back. The ribbons I cut at 5 inches each and then folded when I inserted them into the fabric. Then pressed under a ½ inch all the way around the fabric, do this on both pieces. Laying one of the fabric squares print side down on the work table I pinned the ribbons to the fabric, the amount of ribbon hanging over the outside edge of the fabric is about 2 inches. This should give you about a ½ inch of the ribbon on the inside of the fabric that you will be sewing across with a double seam. Then laying the second piece of fabric square on top of the other piece with the ribbons attached by pins, then pin the two pieces of fabric together. Then after you have pinned it all together you will be ready sew it all the way around the edge with a ¼ inch seam from the outside edge of the fabric, then on the inside of that seam, sew another ¼ inch from that on the inside of the seam you have just sewn. This double stitch edge will hold the ribbons very securely in place.
I know that this won't be the last Taggy I make because this is a gift for any baby, very colorful and comforting as well..... Great to help with baby's sensory development!
Taggy’s come in many different styles….. Here are just a few variations.

There is so many different options that you can do with these Taggy's, these make great sensory toys.  You can put squeakers, jingle bell balls, mini rattles and even some you can put the little touch tone music box. 

Lovey’s can be made in several sizes and variations of styles also. Oh course Lovey’s always have a very soft cuddle side to them, hence minky dot, chenille, or flannel!

Here are a few to show how colorful and different they can be in size and design. These have the ring so it is possible to attach their pacifier to the Lovey, or attach to the car seat, stroller and such like.


These above are 12 x 12 inches, not including ribbons, which is about another 2 inches or so.

These above are 14 x 14 inches and are made with one side of cotton chenille which is very soft to the touch and the other side a cotton quilting fabric.


These below are 16 x 16 inches, not including ribbons.

Here is one below made with fleece and quality designer cotton fabric.


   These below where made with flannel.


These two above are 15 x 15 inches, they are made of minky dot fabric on one side, flannel in the middle, and high end designer fabrics and the other.

Do you have a favorite?  Which one is your favorite?  Maybe you have one that's different than all these that you would like to share, please do we would like to see them!

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