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Baby Bibs and Burp Cloths

A few months ago I made some baby bibs and burp cloths.  I was given the news a grandbaby was on the way, and soon to be a nana/grandma!  So…. I set out making some handmade gifts.  I decided that bibs and burp cloths would make a great practical gift.  I had found this pattern a few months earlier on a blog site when I was surfing the web and looking for inspiration and ideas for another project that I had started.  This is a wonderful little infant bib pattern. It sewed up so nicely, and even washes and dries with a real nice handmade charm.  This pattern would make a fantastic baby gift for someone, or a nice addition to your baby’s layette.  I found this Infant Bib Pattern at Chickpea Sewing Studio’s blog site.  Again, these bibs turned out great and just the perfect size!  I’m so pleased with how this pattern turned out such a beautiful finished product.  I’m sure I will use it again and again!  Just so you will have this a idea of the size the bibs overall measurement is about 7 X 10 inches.

Of course with my love for the Beatrix Potter’s characters, choosing Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail was the only thing to do for some of these bibs.  Then the next best thing was putting the Classic Winnie the Pooh and Friends characters on the others!  So... I went to work machine embroidering the all these characters on the flannel fabric side and then choose coordinating cotton print fabric for the opposite side of the bibs. 

In making these bibs, I printed this pattern out twice and then cut both pieces out.  You will have to turn one of the sides of the bib pattern backwards and then tape the two sides of the bib pattern together to make the full bib pattern.  If you would like to check this bib pattern out, you can find it with the link below.

I personally want to thank chickpeastudio for sharing this tutorial of the baby bib pattern.  

You will need 1/3 yard of a cool print cotton fabric for the front and 1/3 of flannel, cloth diaper or terry cloth for the back.  That will be enough for 4 maybe 5 bibs.  Fat quarters will yield two bibs.  You will also need coordinating color thread and a snap set for each bib.  Sew front and back with right sides together with a double stitch or twice around, but leave a bit open for turning.  Trim the seam to 1/8 inch (except near the hole).  Turn inside out and press.  Edge stitch/ top stitch all around and attach your snap.  You are done, but make more! 


The burp cloths were made from cloth diaper and coordinating cotton print fabric that matches the bibs.  I machine embroidered this Classic Winnie the Pooh character in a brown thread to keep an old antique style look to them.  Then for the Peter Rabbit burp cloths birds and plants to keep a simple classic style. 

These burp cloths I made two different sizes.  Some of them I choose a finished size of about 12 X 17 inches, and the other ones with the cotton print fabric on both sides I made 10 x 18 inches, these I added a single thickness of diaper cloth in the middle for just a little extra absorbing power!


 Here is an overview of how these the burp cloths where made.  Just in case you would like to make few!   I cut the cloth diaper fabric 13 x 17 inches.   Oh... I should mention that I used the single thickness diaper cloth and doubled it for these burp cloths.   Then I took the doubled diaper cloth and folded the edge over and ironed a ½ inch all the way down both of the long sides of the diaper cloth and then measuring at the top, middle, and bottom of the diaper fabric to make sure it measures 12 inches in all three of these areas.  Then on the coordinating cotton fabric, I cut out a piece that was 13 x 24 inches, after folding the edge over and ironed a ½ inch all the way down both of the long sides of this coordinating cotton fabric also.   At this point I also folded over and ironed a ½ inch edge on both ends of the the coordinating cotton fabric.   Laying the coordinating cotton fabric flat with print side against the table or counter top, I laid the diaper cloth onto the middle of the coordinating cotton print fabric making sure that there was same amount of fabric showing on both ends past the cloth diaper.  You should have about 2 to 3 inches on both ends showing past the diaper fabric.   Pin the diaper cloth fabric to the coordinating cotton fabric down along the sides.  On both ends of this coordinating cotton fabric, fold this fabric edge up over the the end of the diaper fabric and then pin in place.   After you have pinned both of the fabrics together, all the way around, then you are ready to sew them together.  Edge stitch/ top stitch all around all the way around the burp cloth.   Then on both ends of the coordinating cotton fabric sew about from one side to the other side a ¼ inch from the edge where the coordinating fabric meets the diaper cloth, this will be about 2 inches from the end of the fabric.

Remember earlier I said that I made some of the burp cloths with the cotton print fabric on both sides, their finished measurement was 10 x 18 inches and that these I added a single thickness of diaper cloth in the middle for just a little extra absorbing power!  These where made by putting the print sides together and one thickness of diaper cloth, you can put this diaper cloth on either side, it won't matter.  Pin these three pieces of fabric together, now you can sew about a ½ inch all the way around the burp cloth, but leave a bit open for turning.  Before turning snip the four corners, make sure not to cut thru you seam.  Once you have done this then you can turn.  When you turn the fabric make sure you turn between the two printed fabrics, so both these printed fabrics will be on the outside, then press and sew about a ¼ inch all the way around the outside edge of the burp cloth.

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I have had alot of fun making these bibs and burp cloths and hope the make more soon.  I have a friend that is expecting in a couple I better get busy making a few for a real nice baby gift. 

There are several different bib and burp cloths patterns out there, please share yours if you have one thats different.  I would love to see your creations and hear your ideas on this subject, so please share them with me!  

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