Saturday, August 1, 2015

Meditation on the Past ~ Down Memory Land

Down Memory Lane
by George Krokos

I went for a trip one day down memory lane
and everything at first seemed to be quite plain
but as I paid more attention there began to see
certain things that I thought no longer could be.

Whatever good or bad experiences happened there in the past
were looming now before my minds eye and I became aghast.
So many vague images appeared all like an illusion
one after another or together causing some confusion.

In a matter of a few moments I witnessed so much
more than one could normally ever want to as such.
These memories of events and images appeared quite fast
that it was difficult telling how long in my vision did last.

Some demanded more attention than many others it seemed
yet there were those that all faded just when being gleamed.
Like a fast moving motion picture showing in between
they all paraded on the center stage of my mental screen.

Good and bad played themselves out against light and dark
reminding me that they’re both aspects of life that’s stark.
Particularly where judgement of a case has been too extreme
which leaves behind a feeling of justice not being supreme.

Those unpleasant memories buried deep within our mind
can all be replaced by better ones of a much happier kind.
When anyone responds favorably to an adverse situation
that reaction is more conducive to our happiness in relation.

One of my favorite places to meditate and reminise!

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