Saturday, July 4, 2015

Gracie's Birthday Surprise

Birthday's are always a special time, especially for children.  

I had a request from my soon to be 4 year old grand daughter. she asked me if I would make her a Elsa and Anna Comforter/Blanket and Pillowcases for her room at Nana's house.  But that's not all.... the clincher is if I make this for her birthday she will want to take them home, which is fine.  But I will not have fulfilled her request...... for her bedroom at Nana's.  Oh what to do, what to do?

We'll I have came up with a solution to my dilemma!  I decided to buy her a plush mink style blanket, of course it has Disney's Frozen Elsa and Anna on the front.  I also found some fabric to make some pillowcases.

                                                Plush Mink Style Blanket above.


Above is two of the three fabrics used for the pillowcases.  The third fabric that was used is a bright green tone on tone snowflake patterned fabric.

I found this tutorial on Youtube from The Fat Quarter Shop, on how to make a french seam pillowcase.  It was so easy to make these french seam pillowcases.   

Here is my finished pillowcases.... below!

 One set down..... one more set to go!

Well.... this set she will take home for her bedroom....... after all it is her birthday!


Now for the second set of Comforter/Blanket for Gracie's room at Nana's house.  She really likes this coronation fabric.  So I purchased it and will make her a quilt and two pillowcases to match.

I just love these jewels tone colors, and can not wait to go shopping for coordinating color fabrics for pillowcases and the quilt top.



When I complete this second Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna Quilt/Blanket..... I will do a separate post. 

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