Saturday, January 3, 2015

Irish Chain and Trip Around The World Quilt Designs ~ Lattice Style

This is one of my favorite quilt pattern designs.... The Irish Chain.
Some might say that the Irish Chain has a slight presents of the Trip Around The World pattern.  They a both have similarities in their designs.   The Irish Chain has a more intricate lattice design, while the Trip around the World starts from the middle and fans out. 

Irish Chain

I really liked the colors in this one below!

Trip Around the World


Looking at all these beautiful quilts has made me remember that I have a quilt that has been waiting to be finished, it needs to be pulled and and completed.  I'm close to having the top design completed, then I'm going to take my quilt to a quilt shop here in Riverside and machine quilt it together, which I have never done before and have been wanting to learn something new about quilting.....
I just can-not wait for this special day!  

I will be adding the finished quilt to my blog under the heading Celtic Plaid Green and Gold Lattice Quilt, so you can see it from start to finish.

Here is a picture of my quilt that I am building below.

 I'm almost finished with the face/top of the quilt, just a few more squares to go.

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