Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gracie's Playroom/Bedroom at Nana's and Papa's

After much thinking about what we wanted to do for a playroom for our grand daughter.....  We decided that we needed to start working on designing and decorating the playroom now, she is almost a year old... we just can't believe it!  Time passes so quickly!

So starting off... I wanted to paint her name on the wall, thus letting her know that this is her space when she comes to visit.  She does spend a lot of time here, so she needed a space for her things, it's a home away from home environment.  This helps Nana and Papa feel good too...  that we aren't being over ran with baby things everywhere, of course there is the occasional things scattered thru out the house, but at the end of the day there is a room for all of it!

So... I began by writing her name on the wall, and now I'm painting it in a beautiful shade of lavender, it looks real nice against the creamy beige walls, the other color that I will incorporate is a sage color.  


Now the yarn that you see draped in the back of this picture from one corner of the room to the other, was an idea that I was mulling over, of banner/or bunting of Beatrix Potter's little characters.  As you probably know by now, if you have spent much time on my blog, that Peter Rabbit and Friends are my favorites. These little characters are so enchanting and whimsical.  Great story's for children of all ages.  This idea of the banner/ bunting may evolve slightly. 

No child's room is complete with out a story time corner.  So you can read all about little Peter Rabbit and little Benjamin Bunny.  And of course Beatrix Potters other little characters too! 
Like all children Gracie has quite a large group of stuffed animals between Nana and Papa's and her home with Mommy and Daddy.


The wardrobe closet, with whimsical flair, a perfect addition to her room. It can be used as a closet or a closed bookshelf unit.
We found this piece in a consignment shop and it was the perfect price. It has a very similar style and color as her bed frame, that we bought earlier off craigslist when she was born.

 We found this cream/ivory fabric with pastel bubbles or dots at Joann's and made the curtain for her room.   The same essence of whimsy for a child's room.  We thought it fitting since Gracie loves bubbles!

No childs room would be complete without their name on the wall, stating this is their very own space. 
Just a little whimsy with the free flowing letters that we used here! 

The bed that we purchased was one of those 3 in 1 beds, that went from crib to lower rider toddler daybed, then to a full size bed. 


Gracie with her stuffed kitties, Buttermilk and Cali.  She loved he quilt so much, that after it was made and this picture was taken it went home with so she could sleep with it every night.

Well..... at age 3, Gracie's room is now evolving once again. 

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