Saturday, September 21, 2013

We are on our way to be a Javita Star

We are on are way to becoming a Javita Star and to have a new BMW paid for buy Javita!
Now... doesn't that sound good!    
To find out just click... How we our going to get our BMW paid for by Javita!, thru the BMW Car Bonus Program!

BMW Car Bonus Program
Join Javita with a qualified business pack ($499 or $999).
Become a STAR.
Attain the rank of Supervisor (15,000 OV).
This isn't difficult... it's such a great product!

Can you Imagine yourself driving your own BMW..... we'll for me this has always been just a wild dream, but now it's very possible and could be very soon... with Javita's Car Bonus program.
So... I've been window shopping here and have had a lot of fun doing it too!  Look at what I've found, what decisions we'll have to make real soon!

BMW 7 Series

BMW 5 Series

 Now, Tim is leaning more towards a BMW Sedan and I've got so use to my Lexus RX300, I'm leaning to the SUV.   After selling my Lexus ES300 some years ago, I just don't know if I could go back to sitting so low in a car vs how you so upright in a suv.
Star Bonus Program

You have to join/purchased a Qualifying Business Pack.
Enrolls three new Members in their first 30 days each with a qualified business pack or achieves the rank of Consultant or higher anytime thereafter.

The STAR Bonus consists of two percent (2%) local net country (North America) commissionable volume each month.  Your share of the STAR Bonus is based on earning points. The more points you earn, the bigger your share of the bonus!


Would you like to Become a STAR today; enjoy unlimited wealth and success tomorrow.

If you would like to know more let
show you the way.
to get 3 & Free  

I think that this is the best...... How would you like to drink your coffee everyday for FREE?
3& FREE Program

Both Members and Preferred Customers can qualify to receive FREE product from Javita. Getting your product for FREE is easy. Just follow these three simple steps and Javita will send you your product for FREE the following month!

1. Be sure your order is on AutoShip.
2. Refer at least three Preferred Customers this month who purchase a qualifying kit. (Note: Member Orders do not count toward 3 & FREE programs.)
3. Be sure the total volume of your 3 (or more) Preferred Customers is at least 3 times the value of your AutoShip (maximum 100 PV or 4 boxes FREE).

Now doesn't this sound good just sign up as a customer to buy coffee each month with autoship and get 3 friends and family to do the same under you with autoship and you"ll get your coffee free each month!

 Now these aren't the only ways you can make money with Javita there are 

 10 different ways to make money with Javita
  we would love to share these great benefits with you, just contact us and we can walk you thru this easy process, and you can enjoy these great benefits too! 
 As of September 20, 2013... one month!
We are a Star!

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