Sunday, September 15, 2013

Peter Rabbit Baby Rag Quilt for Someone Special

I have a dear friend in Baton Rouge that just had a baby and I decided to make something special.  Of course.... it's only fittting I do peter rabbit!  These rag quilts are so easy to make and also very soft  for a baby or child, they are so cuddly, I wouldn't mind having one myself! 

After choosing the peter rabbit bunny designs for this blanket, then I started embroidering all of the images on the squares.

top half of the blanket

 bottom half of the blanket

I made this one just a little bigger than Gracie's cream blanket, which you can see in the next weeks blog.  The squares are the same size, but there are two more rows which make seven rows total in this tan rag quilt.  I found that Gracie's five row size rag quilt works great for babies and toddlers, them carring their lovey everywhere they go.  But I wanted to see how big a finished rag quilt would be if I made seven rows instead of five rag quilt.  

The winters are colder than one would expect in Baton Rouge, so I wanted this rag quilt to be able to cover the babies infant carrier/carseat better than Gracie's worked for us here in our southern California winter.  It doesn't get to bad here in the wintertime, so it wasn't to much of a problem.     

Gracie being the little miss helper as she always is.... she was so excited, every time I pulled it out to work on it she would say, blanket for baby Josiah.  She knew it was something special.... because she has one, and she truly loves it to death (Miss Linus)!

Here I have all seven of the columns for the blanket sowen together.  Gracie ready to go to swimming lessons and waiting so patiently.

back side of the finished blanket

 front side of the finished blanket

I have been thinking about making some of these embroideried squares up as finished blocks, then selling them in my etsy shop with the directions to make this easy baby rag quilt.  

I do have alot of the other Beatrix Potter characters also... I'm just partial to the bunnies!

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