Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quilted High Chair Cover or Crumb Catcher

I decided to make a cover for my granddaughter wooden high chair.  I had this old blue baby carrier cover that I made about 30 some years ago.....  A memento that I made and kept.  It fits her wooden high chair perfectly, so I decided to make another one to swap out with when one gets dirty.  It is quilted, so it is nicely padded and the sides of the cover curve up the side of the high chair which catches food crumbs very nicely also....  This Makes Nana's clean up easier after the little toddler eats!

We are using this beautiful hummingbird fabric for two reasons... Gracie is just fascinated with hummingbirds at this present time, we have a  hummingbird feeder just outside the kitchen/family room window, and Nana just loves hummingbirds too....This is a win win scenario!

I looked at several different ruffled laces to finish off this crumb catcher for Gracie's high chair.  I had a quite a time choosing just one, because I liked them all!

I really like this one here!

 These two are very nice too!

After getting home from the fabric shop and pulling out this whimsical hummingbird material from the bag and gazing at it... I decided to lay the fabric out and pin my handmade pattern to the fabric and just cut it out now.   I noticed that my pattern wasn't fitting like it should, I should have a little extra not visa versa!   So after further investigating this issue, I found that the clerk didn't cut the amount I asked for... this was a major issue because back at the store the amount still left on the bolt was less than the amount I bought... so I couldn't just go back and have them make it right!  I was going to have to piece it together either way. What a bummer... so I decided to look through my scraps and see what I could do with it. 

In my fabric stash I found a piece of fabric in the same color palette, so I cut a piece out and sewed it onto the back portion to make it the same size as the front piece.  Then I embroidered "crumb catcher" on the new addition that I had just sewed onto the back portion, just to give it a little custom touch rather than having it look tacky or a cutting mistake.  My big decision was to not use any of these lovely lace trims that I couldn't make a final decision on which one to use.  I actually think it looks just as nice without lace.


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