Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella and Orange dipped in Orange Vinaigrette

What an outstanding and delicious treat that Stephanie and Latrice have created... This appetizer was their own design, and what a nice fun twist, they took a more Avantgarde approach! 
Now since this was an off the cuff creation of theirs... there is no exact measurements listed.  They both mentioned that when they make this appetizer again, they would write it down each of the measurements and give me a copy to update this page. 
But for those of you that are good at this sort of thing, and your creativity flows freely and your not scared to try new things.... please feel free to test your skills.... these are very tasty treats indeed!  You can actually taste each of the ingredients in these recipes... most pleasant to the palette!

 You will need these main ingredients:
(enough for orange slices, juice and zest)

You will also need the following ingredients for the marinate:

Orange Juice
Orange Zest
Olive Oil

Chili Paste
 Cilantro  (Latrice made this one )
Mint  (Stephanie made this one )
Tooth Picks

 Both of these ladies did a similar but yet different approaches to this recipe.  So... Let me explain the difference here... Latrice went for spicier taste and Stephanie went for sweeter taste.  Now to achieve this they both mixed different amounts of these ingredients into their marinates. 

For Latrice's spicy marinate, she added more chili paste, a small amount of honey, and she didn't use the mint in her marinate at all. 

For Stephanie's sweet marinate, she used more honey, a very small amount of chili paste, and she didn't use cilantro in her marinate at all.

So... for the marinate that you might make, depending on what you are ultimately wanting... spicy or sweet, then add your ingredients accordingly.  Combine your ingredients in small amounts... (do not go overboard on any of these ingredients... otherwise you will have to much marinate). They both made there marinates by then taste and see method... without using exact measurements.   
Take and wrap a slice of prosciutto around a segment of orange and a thin slice of mozzarella (about the size of the orange segment).

Now marinate the prosciutto wrapped mozzarella and oranges pieces in the marinate mixture for about 
10 to 15 minutes.
Then grill the wraps in a skillet on medium low heat, just until prosciutto is cooked.  This should roughly take about 15 minutes or so, grilling on all sides (you don't want the mozzarella to melt all over). 



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