Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow in Southern California

Wow ..... yesterday we had there strangest phenomenon happen here in Southern California.  About 1:00 pm here in Moreno Valley/ Riverside Area we had slushy sleat, then to very large wet flakes of snow to small hail all within about a half hour.  Several have told me that they only remember one other time that it snowed here and they thought it was back in the 90's.
Here are a couple of pictures I took with my phone... I do wish the pictures would have turn out better but here they are anyway.... It is SNOW in Southern California on February 8, 2013.  

These were very large wet snowflakes.  I haven't seen snowflakes that size since living in Corrales, New Mexico.  That winter we got over twelve inches in one night.  Some of you might remember that winter... 
 getting snow in!

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