Saturday, February 2, 2013

Decorating with the Frottage Effect

When we lived in New Mexico we had a home that we bought that had white walls and was very plain looking and needed just a little character and some color...  So we set out to give it a little personality!  I love color and texture and that is exactly what this house needed a lot of and fast!  We really needed a element that would give our home a little life and make you feel at home, defiantly a warm touch was needed.

We had a real good friend that know how to do frottage.  So... we asked Al if he would do a couple walls to warm up some of the spaces in the house, to make it a home.

After watching him do this job I sure learned alot... I think that I could do this if I wanted this effect again in the future. 

Here is our Dining room, we just wanted the frottage under the wood wainscoting.  As you will see in the pictures that whole downstairs of the house has grayish/tan french cobblestone tile, which had a slight cold feeling with the off white/light cream walls that added to our dilemma. 

This next thing that we did and I don't have pictures to show you, but we bought some Pottery Barn wrought iron rods and golden wheat colored curtains with iron rings, and sheers.  It was a perfect combination and gave a nice french country effect as well.   We also changed out the light fixture over the dining room table to match to new decor.

Below are pictures of the hall bathroom, which needed a jolt of drama.  We did the whole room in the Frottage effect.  It was a small area and we were concerned that the space was to small to do the whole room in the frottage effect, but I'm glad we did... because it turned out excellent.

 We put in  some wrought iron sconce lights to match the rest of the sconces in the house.  I had an old antique french mirror worked great for this area.  

On the window I added a little drama...  The bathroom really wasn't bid enough or set up for a large picture, only small ones... so I had a picture that fit perfectly in the window hole and then I took a couple of  iron curtain rod holders and my sage green chenille lap throw and went to work... 

... here is the out come of our bathroom project, just to give it a touch of drama!

We were really happy with Al's work and I learn alot watching him.  We thought about doing more but never quite got around to it.  A couple of years later... right after we finished our remodeling we ended up moving to Louisiana.  I sure do miss our good friends Al & Sherrie and enjoy seeing them from time to time. 

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