Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trip with Friends to Duff's Cakemix

About a month ago...  I have a dear friend, Rhonda ask me if I had heard of a place in West Hollywood where you could go and decorate cakes.  I told her that I hadn't... but would love to check it out, so she gave me the website to check it out for myself. 
A DIY cake shop... so we put a group together to go decorate cakes!
Oh Joy... Edible Art
Here's a link to Duff's Cakemix website, so you can check it out for yourself!

Here's some pictures that we took while we visited the DIY cake shop on Saturday, December 22, 2012. 

We all had so much fun that I'm sure will do it again with another group.   After sharing pictures with other friends, there were several more that expressed a real interest and had never heard of the place. 
So... Yes, we will definitely do again!







I'm a pre-planner... I already had an idea going into cakemix what Stephanie and I were going to create on our cake, but I wasn't sure what the outcome would be because this was my first time ever working with fondant.  We took my little oriental flower cookie cutters with us, wasn't sure if we would do cherry blossoms or the five pedal flowers.  The pearl malted milk balls where bigger than I had pictured in my mind, but that's the only size they had at the goody bar.  Then to give the flowers just a little depth and texture, I took some food coloring, diluted it and brushed the some pedals of the flowers.  After doing this water coloring it took on a hydrangea look! 


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