Saturday, October 6, 2012

Children's Discovery Toys

Fisher-Price Peek-a-blocks INCREDIBLOCK 

This IncrediBlock with peek-a-blocks IncrediBlock is a great BIG block of fascinating discoveries, with music, motion, lights, and 5 sides of busy play!
Ages: 9 months & up
Measurements: 16" L x 16" W x 15" H.

Developing Motor Skills
Encourages development of balance & gross motor skills as baby learns to stand & cruise around block.
Grasping & stacking blocks enhances fine motor skills.
Sorting blocks & placing them into activity sides encourages eye-hand coordination.
Stimulating the Senses
See-through blocks with bright colors & movement stimulate visual development.
Grasping & feeling textured surfaces enhances sense of touch.
Encouraging Cognitive Abilities
Helps baby understand spatial concepts like in/out, up/down.
Fosters problem-solving skills as baby figures out how to stack & build.
Offers progressive challenges, from simple activities to more complex stacking & sorting. 


Here are some of the Peek-A-Blocks that were sold seperately to go along with the IncrediBlock and other Fisher Price toys. 

Fisher Price - Vehicle Fun                                                                       Fisher Price - Touch Sensations

                                         Fisher Price - Sports Blocks            Fisher Price - Sound Sensations                           

 Fisher Price - Learning Fun Blocks         Fisher Price - Sight Sensations

                                                   Fisher Price - Barnyard Friends Blocks

Here is a set of alphabet and numbers blocks.

Here is a few more toys that children really love too!  Same blocks work in these toys also!

Fosters problem-solving as baby figures out how to activate motion, songs & sounds.
• Helps baby understand the sounds different animals make.
• Listening to fun songs & sounds enhances baby's auditory sense.
• Stimulates visual development with colorful animal friends & lights.
• Enhances eye-hand coordination & motor skills as baby grasps blocks & places in openings.
• Requires 3 "AA" (LR6) alkaline batteries (not included)

 Fisher-Price DROP & ROAR DINOSAUR Roll-a-Rounds (peek-a-blocks)

Color coordinated ball drops and ramps allow baby to follow the rounds down one of 4 paths accompanied by 3 colored lights and lively tunes

• There are busy activities that add to the play, including a twirling butterfly, a rattle bird, and spinning dinosaur
• 10 songs and 5 sound effects encourage and entertain baby
• 4 roll-a-round balls
• It measures 28" x 9.25" x 16".

Curious babies and toddlers who will delight playing with this friendly green guy.

Four balls are included to roll through various openings and watch come out of other openings, teaching cause and effect while delighting curious young minds at the same time.

The dinosaur has a bumpy tail and a mouth that can be made to open and shut. Ten different tunes accompany the action along with gently flashing lights and fun sound effects while a wiggly ladybug and a wiggly fish bounce along on top.

The design of having the dinosaur lie flat while your little one crawls around investigating will also likely be good for motor skill development.

Roll-a-rounds and Peek-a-block family of toys.

There are so many options with these Fisher Price toys, you can mix and match, buy one, two, three or even more.

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