Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vintage Antique Cookie Cutters Boxed Sets

I've been thinking about making memories with my grand daughter when she gets a little older.  So I've been looking for some unique cookie/ biscuit cutters.  So in searching for these little treasures... I will share with you some of my findings. 

I have always loved antique vintage things from the past.  Everything was made to last and was durable, unlike things made today, use once and it throw away or it breaks shortly after purchase. 

You will see that many of these cookie cutters are still used today in kitchen all over the world.

Gingerbread cookies was one of my favorite cookies growing up...  they were so perfect with a thin layer of royal icing spread across the top.


Here is a nice set of farm animal cookie cutters.  We had some cookie cutters that were similar to these barnyard cooky cutters.  These cookie/biscuit cutters remind me of the ranches and wide open spaces of the "big sky country."   I have a great love for animals and nature...  I grew up in Montana and sometimes I miss this beautiful countryside and these wide open spaces from time to time, sometimes Montana calls to me.  Living here in Southern California with all the hustle and bustle can make one a little crazy from time to time, so one must escape to the next best thing...  some rest and relaxation at the ocean would be in order!  

Now... every little boy and maybe a few little girls need some dinosaurs cookie cutters.  Here are some real nice box sets.  I don't think that these dinosaur cookie cutters are as old as some of the other cookie cutters. 

Every family with children needs an alphabet and number set of cookie/biscuit cutters. 


Making cookies, cutting the cookie cutter shapes into food, craft projects, or even play dough can be great for a rainy day project.

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