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Baby Food Jars Repurposed ~ Jars, Jars and more Jars!

Baby Food Jars galore... what to do with them?

How to reuse baby food jars… let me count the ways!

You can only use so many of them to hold paperclips, right!  Many of you are mothers and have these jars running out your ears, some of you may know someone that has a baby that has these little jars stacking up!  These jars are so cute and little... they are so hard to throw away.   I thought this would be helpful and useful topic. 

Baby Food Jar Spice Rack

  Lauren from Dav.i.son has come up with a fabulous way to recycle her baby food jars.  Regular racks might have spices in it that you may never use, but making one like this style, you can customize it to fit your cooking and spice needs. 

More spice jars


This is one that I'm going to make real soon.  I just need a few more jars to have enough for all my spices.  

Here is another set of magnetic spice jars on a metal rack, these would be really fun to make.  This version has chalk paint tops.

These little jars that can be used for anything that you want to use for any purpose. 

I found these old baby food jars that someone with artistic talent had hand painted for their spice jars... they are so neat!  What creative passion!

Great for storing small craft supplies and findings. Image from Crafty Nest.
Organization at it's finest!

I believe that this is putting these little jars to good use... how ingenous is this! 
I would like to thank Scarlett for sharing this idea on her blog... it is most inspiring, and a very creative use for baby food jars!  Click on her name and go check it out on her site.

Go Green Gift by  Jessica Witty below. She shares what she used to make and also where she got her supplies to make this project.  

 This looks to scrumpsious to leave out, there is even direction on how to make this on Prudent Baby's website...   Backyard Tangerine Vanilla Bean Marmalade . 

I can't wait to try this recipe for Lemon Curd from AllthatMatters.

Here is a recipe for Lemon Hony aka Lemon Curd made in a slow cooker below.

Lemon Honey

Lemon Honey aka Lemon Curd in a slow cooker.
Based on the recipe from Joan Bishop's New Zealand Crockpot and Slow Cooker Cookbook
4 Lemons (zest and juice)
125g Butter
2c sugar
4 eggs (beaten)
5 Litre crockpot (5qt is slightly smaller)
5-6 cup casserole dish that fits in crock (I used a glass bowl)
small strainer/sieve
tin foil
trivet (I don't have one, you can use tinfoil wrapped into a ring, or a metal cookie cutter)
boiling water
sterilised jars and lids (4 250mL ones should be enough)

1) Preheat your cooker for 20min
2) While it is heating, melt your butter (I did it on the stove top, but microwave is ok).
3) Stir in sugar, lemon juice and zest and heat just enough for the sugar to dissolve. Leave to cool for 10min.
4) Beat your eggs and then sieve them into your lemon sugar mixture.
5) Pour it all into the casserole dish.
6) Cover the dish tightly with tinfoil, place on trivet in the cooker and pour enough boiling water to come half-way up the sides of the casserole dish.
7) Put lid on slowcooker and cook on low for 3-4hrs.
8) Take off the lids and you may see a big lump in the middle of your bowl. This is thanks to the egg. You can just stir it all up (what I did the first time) and you will have lumpy, but still yummy curd, or you can whip out the strainer again and press all the lumpy bits through it. This makes a thick but not lumpy curd and is the texture that I prefer. It is more effort though.
9) Bottle into your sterilised jars and it should keep up to 3months in the fridge (4 weeks from opening though). If you were less sterile then keep in fridge and use within 4 weeks.

I really enjoy this preserve and have a spoonful of it on my yogurt at breakfast. You can also use this as filling for lemon tarts, or just spread it on toast or scones.

Here is a site that will show you how to make Homemade Butter, another site with Homemade Butter.

 Recycle the ends of old candles and melt them down, poor into clean baby food jars and add a wick. Great for camping or to keep on hand for emergencies. This image is courtesy of Soap Queen.


Candles  Ideas

Here you will find photos, Supply List and Step by Step Instructions for both Chandeliers to make your very own Baby Food Chandelier

Recycled Glass Backyard Garden Party Chandelier

Jeff from Gear Report made this quick yet functional camping candle lantern out of a baby food jar and guitar string.  He suggests you use them for gift giving because “nothing says you care like a used baby food jar and some old guitar string”. Ha.  You could always jazz it up with paint. A few bright ladybugs might be cute or fish for an angler. That would actually make a good Father’s Day present that children could create. Supply a few back up tea lights and he’s good to go fishing in the evening.  Weaving the wire around the jar and creating the handle makes it a handy little lantern to have on hand. I haven’t had babies around in awhile and for that reason I might stick with tin cans and canning jars.
See Jeff’s article called Camping Homemade DIY Candle Lantern  for the full tutorial.

Tea Light Holders
from Another Daily Blog

This is a site where there is alot of the you can make with children, letting their artistic juices flow and create masterpieces!

Make some cool fridge magnets using the lids from the jars. And a little Mod Podge of course! Another great one kids can do! Image courtesy of Mod Podge Rocks.

Use for starting seedlings indoors, for a small herb garden or create a grouping of small, sweet flower arrangements. Check it out over on The Charlotte.

Teach kids how things grow. Or you can grow cat grass for your furry friends to nibble on.

Here is a really neat idea for Party Favors and Shower Favors

This is something I have made and is a great idea from from

This is something I have also made in the past and will I'm sure do again and again.  Another neat from Making all things new....Bath Salts Favors.

Snow Globes for all the kids!

Pin Cushions


A few more ideas!

1. Make into a musical instrument. Just put some rice or beans in them. Or turn lids into finger symbols.

2. Fill with dried herbs or cotton balls dripped with scented oil. Cover the top with mesh and hold in place with an elastic. These are great for putting in drawers, closets or behind furniture for a fresh scent.

3. Punch holes in the top. Temporary house for a bug or other critter! Kids can look at them and learn, without hurting their new friends.

4. Fill halfway with water with a few drops of food colouring, fill the rest of the way with baby oil and add a few sparkles if you want. This amazes kids!

5. Good for holding finger paints and glues or touch up paint for your walls and furniture.

6. Make a small sewing kit to keep in your car, diaper bag, purse, or in a drawer at the office. If you've ever had a dress strap break on you... you know it's a good idea!

7. Have your child decorate an empty jar, put their tooth in it for the tooth fairy and leave on the night table. Easier for mom and dad to find instead of digging under the pillow for that tiny thing!

8. Use to store children's play dough.

There are so many different ways to use these little jars... If you have any that are different than the one we have share... please share them with us, we would love to hear about your uses for thes little jars!


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