Saturday, January 21, 2012

Educational Games

I know that I've shared with you before that I have a small daycare in my home here in Moreno Valley, California.  Today my husband and I were out shopping and I found these real neat educational games for preschoolers.  I bought one of each of the series that they carried in the store.   I'm so excited to share them with my kids at the daycare.   I know that they are going to love them. 

Eight (8) Learning Games for 3 years and up

ABC, Number, Spelling, First Words, Sequencing,
Mathematics, Counting, What Goes Together

These are all either Language Based ~ Thinking and Learning or Mathematics Based ~ Thinking and Learning, one is Scientific and one is Tactile/Motor. 

Alphabet A-Z and Numbers 1- 10

These two (2) games here are good for Communication and the Cognitive process. 

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