Saturday, January 7, 2017

Crochet Edge Hello Kitty Fleece Blanket

I'll share a story of fabric shopping at Joann's with my Granddaughter, Grace.  You may be out shopping for a specific fabric or just perusing, looking for something that touches your fancy.  Well shopping with her is an experience, she will find something she likes and before you get out of the store.... You have your next project!  We saw this fleece fabric in Joann's and said "Nana, we need to make something out of this fabric, it is so beautiful, it's so soft and cozy!  I just want to snuggle with Hello Kitty."

crocheted a neon green and purple edge around the blanket, and 
both these yarns have a nice shimmer or sparkle to them. This was just a really nice touch to the blanket.  She wanted a fleece pillowcase, so we made a pillowcase cover for her 12" X 16" travel pillow.

I made this blanket, which measures about 60" X 72".

She has been wanting to go camping, so we found this sleeping bag that has glow in the dark lightening bugs on the bag.  Of course one can not go camping without a flashlight.  Well nana and papa have and adventure coming soon! ( Maybe we can camp out in the living room! )

Every child needs a flashlight, if there going camping!

Now she has got pillowcases... One for her big pillow, one for her travel pillow, and her 
fleece pillow cover.

She is ready to go adventuring with nana and papa!

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