Saturday, December 3, 2016

A New Addition to the Sewing Room - My Vintage 1958 Singer 222K Featherweight - Part 2

Featherweights in Color

This is a motto to live by...........


Some of my favorite colored Featherweights..........  I want a colored FW, but I just don't know what color that I want.  Well, I do know what my favorite colors are... They are purple, navy, and hunter green.  My three favorite colors and I only can use one.  And I only have one little featherweight in need of some much needed TLC.

As you can see.... I really like purple.  I'm plum crazy about purple!

This one is almost.... RootBeer

Oh my my....  I have found my color.  I can have all three of my favorite colors on one machine!   Hurray... So happy about that, because I surely couldn't chose between the three colors.  I think the color is called Riddlers Chameleon Pearl or something like that.
Here is one of these little babies repainted in my three favorite colors and it was painted by Singer Featherweight Revived

I can't wait to have mine repainted this color.  I think I will send my FW to Singer Featherweight Revived too!

There are a few shops that will repaint these little babies, you just have to search around a little..... 
Here is another shop, Featherweights In Color


Now, I really like this set that I found on Jeni's blog... she even sells the pattern set.

Now here is another, I really like.... Thank you April for sharing this pattern on your blog. 
This one is great if you want to protect your case as well!  These cases are as old as the machines.

This was a great find, when I found April's website, she and her husband have a ton of knowledge that they are sharing through their videos and website...  I am greatful for this, as I'm sure that others are too! 

Angie used the pattern from April's site... This one has a totally different look because of the fabric below...  I really like the design of the fabric, very classic look.

Now here is my favorite one of all that I have shown.... but I would be happy with any of them.  Donna has made her own pattern... she is so much like me.  I never find exactly what I'm looking for... so I end up designing my own, just to have everything just the way I would like things to be.  This one is very similar to the pattern that April sells on her website.  My special thanks to Donna for sharing her Featherweight tote and the process with us... And I just love the kitty too!  My kitty has long passed on, but Missy, short for (Miss Tabitha Twitch-it) would hop up while I was sewing and start purring and wanting to snuggle, eventually she would settle down and lay on my lap or curl up by the machine while I sewed... I sure miss her, sometimes!

I found two places where Donna talks about her featherweight tote and the process of making the bag.   Now I really like this bag, the colors and design of the fabric, and the detail... a very classic vintage looking bag.

My tribute to my precious, Missy (Miss Tabitha Twitch-it).... My little Calico!  This picture was taken around 25 years ago, with my husband the fireman listening to her heart... don't remember the reason why.

I found this one online, Michele from with heart and hands made, and I especially like the foot control bag, seconds as a little holder of sorts.

The last one I'm sharing is one that I found on a Facebook Featheweight Group and it was made by Linda Grover.  I love it... and will probably make one like this for sure... It looks so easy and I already have a Lands End bag like this, it looks like their large bag.... I just need to make sure the featherweight case fits inside first.

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