Saturday, August 6, 2016

Reminiscing - Lifes Journey through Quilts

Recently I was going through..... 
 a cleaning out and rearranging of my Sewing/Craft Room!

We'll I started reminiscing... 
on how I came to love quilting so.

It all started when I was very young, both my grandmothers quilted and had the old treadle style sewing machines.  Most of us at that age 5 or 6 was just fascinated with the big wheel and foot pedal of the machine, just a big toy in which you wouldn't ever get to play!

I remember matching colors of fabric and creating, back at the age 6 to 8 years of age, while they sewed on this neat old vintage sewing machine.  I would sit beside them, watching as they sewed  their pieces together, and explained the process of how the machine worked.  I just enjoyed watching their master pieces come together.

I have many quilt projects in the works, but here is one that is seen more time in the sewing trunk, than on the sewing table.   You, know the term... out of site, out of mind!  We'll it is in the forefront now.... and longing to be finished!   I guess I started this quilt not to long after we moved from Northern California in 2003 to New Mexico, then I carried it to Louisiana 2009, and now Southern California where it is longing to be finished 2015!  I guess, I actually started this quilt in about 2007. 

I just love my Ellegante... Babylock Embroidery Sewing Machine

Here is a closer, and a much better picture, below!

When my grand daughter came along, quilting again slowed to a small crawl... not much activity in the quilting room, but recently over the past year or so, I have made several baby blankets for friends.  I made Gracie a blanket using all her baby receiving blankets, and made her a quilt this year for her birthday, now her mama wants a quilt, maybe mine will be next!  

Now... you know mom's always put everyone and everything before themselves.  That might, just be me, Let me know, if I'm way out in left field here... But that is the way it is for me!

You can find a few of these other Blankets/Quilts in my blogs, not all but some!

Juicy Jewels by Island Batiks  and  the French Vanilla by RJR

So, my daughter Stephanie's quilt front to is almost finished.  I need to order her backing, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company soon.  I bought her fabric their for the front of her quilt.  I had an opportunity to go through Missouri and stop at their shop in September.  Wow...  I was blown away by their shops, all their fabric, and what they have accomplished.  Quilt Town, USA,  that is exactly it.   If you grew up in a small town, you know what I mean... there is not much there!  To bad I didn't live closer to their shop...  we'll I know my husband is glad we live this far away!  :)  

Then I need to make an appointment to go machine quilt her quilt at the Quilter's Cocoon her in Riverside, California.  I wish I had room for one of these big long arm machines in my house. 

I quilted Gracie's Elsa and Ann's quilt there at the Quilter's Cocoon.

Challenging myself... I am setting for myself a goal to finish the Celtic Plaid Quilt 
by the end of 2016.

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