Saturday, June 4, 2016

Magnetic Pin Cushion

Now here is a great idea..... I have two pin cushions that I use when I'm crafting and sewing.  But sometimes it does get a little challenging to get the pins put in the pin cushion while your sewing.  I still find some on he floor after sewing.

I just love this idea and I have to have one!  If the magnetic is strong enough to hold a big pile of coarsage pins. It think this would come in handy at times, it just makes so much sense. 

Of course I just don't want a plastic one that you can buy a Joann's...... I have to find just the right one... to fit into the crafty sewing room, so I will just have to make one! 

Here is a couple magnetic pin cushions that I found while browsing......

Here is Gwen's rendition......

I like this one a lot.... it sits up high, it is silver, it's a simple design, but yet makes a litttle statement.  Thank you so much Gwen for sharing your project with us.

Here iis Kaytie's renddition......


What I really like about this one is that it is vintage! 
I just love the colors in the magnetic pin cushion.  I would do a pin cushion like this is I could find an old saucer/dessert plate that had a lavender hue in the middle and a gold edge, that would fit right well in my sewing room.  Thank you sso mush Kaytie for sharing your step by step process on how you made your magnetic pin custion.

This is a real easy fix... you can find these magnetic parts bowls at some auto parts stores, or even harbor freight.  They can be bought in two sizes 4 1/2 or 6 inches. 

You can do a litlle artistic creativity if you choose.  Like these below.

I think that a two tone lavender and cream lace pattern would look real nice.  I might do something like that, or maybe even a swirl pattern.

I do like this idea for pins that are longer and thicker, like the coursage pins.  They tend to poke too big of a hole my the pin cushions.

I don't use them very much anymore, because of that very reason.  They are mostly just decor now, but this is going to fix the problem very soon!  As you can see in the picture, that I'm in the process of making some fabric/craft weights..... I will being sharing in a post soon.

Now I do like the idea of using a vintage french limoges plate of dish.  I have looking for just the right plate.  Here are SOME of my favorites...... 

Now....  as you can see there is a lot of options... if you use a vintage plate or bowl to make your magnetic pin cushion.  I think that I am going to go with the Titan Magnetic Parts Tray which is 4 1/2 inches in diameter for now.  Just until I find a vintage french limoges plate or dish that just calls to me.  

It will be saying, "please pick me... I will make a nice addition to you quilting/crafting ensemble, your pins need me!"  

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