Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kindred Spirits - Grace and Ace

A partner in crime for Gracie...

 from the time she could express herself and talk, she asked for a puppy!  It was literally on a daily basis, asking mama and daddy or nana and papa.  It was so hard after while to tell her no, when it seemed she really had a deep need inside for a pet or companion.  
I'm not exaggerating when I say...  she ask daily!  

So, we gave in after not having a dog for about 10-12 years...
We just caved to her longing for a puppy!
 She was about two years old when we got her a golden retriever pup, he was about 7 1/2 to 8 weeks old, we were thinking this was going to be the right choice.  After all this was a golden retriever!
She just loved him, but as he got older, he was just to rambunctious for her and showed signs of aggression, this is very unusual for a golden, so we had to make a choice.  
Our main concern was "Gracie," so we found him a good home at 8 months old.  
Looking back on it,  the pup came from a very chaotic environment and it was probably part of his breeding.

About a year later we caved again, to the daily asking for another puppy.   So this time we took our time looking for the right puppy, breeding, and a peaceful environment for the pups first few weeks of life.  I think we found a good one this time, we decided to get a labrador retriever.  He is a great addition to the family.

Meet Prince Indys Ace

8 weeks old

Kindred Spirits

We'll  there is a story behind the name "Ace."  
Let me explain.....  When we got this puppy, we asked her what she wanted 
to name the puppy.  She said, well of course...  Ace!  

We mention that she might want to choose a different name, since that was the name of 
the other puppy.  Her explanation to this was...... No my dogs name is Ace!  
So we agreed that her dogs name was Ace, since we didn't keep the other one very long.


Awe... He was such a trooper... on his way to the vet for his baby shots.

He has grown to be a great dog and such a great protector of our Grace. 

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