Saturday, February 6, 2016

La Bonne Vie

(The Good Life)

What a life to be able to grow up with animals, and space for many adventures.  
Here at the ranch in Riverside, thats just what it is....  La Bonne Vie!



Gracie and Mamacita (mamas)
She is a kitty, that shown up on our door step with her baby in her mouth, this is when we lived in town.  She was just a baby herself and she had a new born baby of her own.  We were able to nurtured her back to good health, we got her shots, and got her fixed, and moved her to the ranch.  She loves the ranch, and has been with us about 2 1/2 to 3 years now.  She follows Gracie around like a puppy dog.

Grace and Ace
This is her companion, he is eating her flower soup from a plastic spoon.  Everywhere she goes he is right there.  He is good protection and a companion for an only child.

The master mechanic, she fixing papa's bike.



Papa made her a bow and 3 arrows out of some branches of the willow tree.  Nana made her a quiver for her arrows out of some upholstery fabric and an old leash.  She is Brave...... all she needs is the hooded cape now, and she will be Brave, excluding the three little brothers!


Papa, Gracie and their horse Raider.  She loves to help groom the horses, especially Raider.   

Cheyenne and Prince Indys Ace have become good friends!  Hollywood and Sundance are alittle camera shy today..... but maybe next time they will pose for the camera, so you can see them too!

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