Saturday, October 3, 2015

Making a Jar of Memories ~ Sugar Cookies Recipe

A Jar full of Memories!

When I started this blog.... it was a couple years back.... I had been thinking about making memories with my grand daughter when she got a little older. 

 What a better way to do this than with cookie cutters. Cookie cutters are so versatile... they can be used for cookies and biscuits of course! Cookie cutters can also be used to cut sandwiches into neat shapes as well as other foods.  Some that come to mind is carrots, cucumbers, watermelon, lunch meat, cheeses and such.  You can use them for many craft projects and also use them with play dough. 


Here are a few sets of Martha Stewart Cookie Cutters.   I really like this scalloped hibiscus flower, these are no longer available...  I'm so sad!   If anyone has these cookie cutters and are not using them anymore and would like to sell... Please contact me!

We are making memories, even now.  
My grand daughter,  she loves to bake and especially to make cookies.  We will be making dog biscuits real soon for her new puppy.

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